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Quirky and fun, trolley tables are enjoying a big revival in furniture fashion right now. Often referred to as drinks carts, tea tables or hostess trolleys, these wheeled tables are making their way into the modern home and reinventing contemporary decor. Trolley tables were hugely popular in the 1960s but in subsequent decades had somewhat dwindled away. Now they’re back with a bang and all kinds of vintage and antique styles are appearing in the trendiest homes around the country, adding a little eccentricity to dining room decor. Here at Vinterior we’ve never really fallen out of love with the humble trolley table and we’ve got a great collection in our online catalogue. Browse through our range today and explore the different styles available – you might find one that you fall in love with!

Introducing antique and vintage trolley tables

There’s something almost irresistible about 1950s glamour and the trolley table symbolises that era perfectly. A stylish decade, trolley tables epitomise the combination of elegance and convenience, offering practicality together with high fashion.

Fast-forward to the current day and trolley tables are in vogue once more, equally at home in large and ornate settings as well as more compact spaces. Beautifully vintage, trolley tables come in a variety of styles - but more about that below! However, if you’re not wholly convinced by the aesthetics, the practicalities could win you over.

Trolley tables are great for rooms which are more compact, allowing them to be moved around and providing flexibility over your space. Want a serving tray for the family Christmas? No problem. How about a buffet for a dinner party? The tea trolley has it covered. Wherever you want to serve food or drinks, simply wheel your trolley into position without the hassle of juggling multiple dishes and plates.

Using antique or vintage tea trolleys in your decor

Although tea trolley tables are often thought of as a vintage item, there’s actually a wide range of styles including antique options too. If your decor is shabby chic or farmhouse, the industrial or reclaimed timber items could fit in well. These have a distressed or aged appearance and are typically sturdier-looking than the more ornate pieces. Made from sleepers, scaffolding and other reclaimed wood, these types of trolleys are both modern and retro. Ercol have many pieces which mimic this style, offering an authenticity over the vintage appearance that’s pleasing to the eye.

In direct contrast are the antique wooden trolleys, complete with carved heads and intricate detailing. Finish with gilding and with beautifully decorated legs, this trolley would fit a more sophisticated style, such as Rococo or French antique.

Not all French designs were romantic though as the trolleys inspired by René Herbst reveal. Made from plain chrome and more functional than decorative, this 1930s style was all about gleaming metal rather than intricate craftsmanship.

Scandinavian and Danish Modern were two other styles which offered simplicity rather than heavy decoration. A very minimalist look, these types of trolley were clean and structural with clear, angular lines and no embellishments.

There are a wide range of others styles too including gilded, French antique and Art Deco, all of which offer a different interpretation of the trolley table.

Shop for trolley tables with Vinterior

At Vinterior there’s a great range of trolley tables in a variety of styles. Look through our online marketplace today and you’re sure to find one you like, at an affordable price.