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Contrary to popular belief, trolley furniture shouldn’t be banished to the 1970s. Trolleys are actually excellent additions to a number of rooms within the modern day home, and a versatile furniture item for a number of reasons. A great space to store all of life’s little trinkets, trolleys can be used as a display for family photographs, house plants and ornaments, not to mention a compact book stand or magazine rack. The industrial interior design theme in particular has embraced the trolley like no other. As a result, our range of industrial trolleys has grown dramatically in recent years, with buyers and sellers alike realising the potential of this seemingly simple item. Our industrial trolleys provide a number of stylish design options for your home. Complementing the coveted industrial theme, whilst offering a practical storage solution. Shop our industrial trolley collection now and discover the inspiration you need to introduce this exciting furniture option to your home.

Why choose industrial trolleys?

Making a feature of the rough, raw and unrefined, the industrial theme sparks interest, even with interior design novices. The style says “no” to soft and neat finishes, favouring the imperfect beauty of more utilitarian designs. Metal work, pipes, ducts, brickwork and concrete all feature in authentic, industrially inspired spaces to guarantee a look that will be timeless and standout for years to come.

For all the edge and innovation, however, comes a new level of practicality often missing from other leading interior design schemes. This is just one of the many reasons why the industrial design is making its way into so many residential and commercial spaces, including period homes and new build properties.

If your home already has the industrial vibe

Once you’ve finished creating your beautifully unfinished walls, ceilings and floors, what next? It’s time to go shopping for the furniture items you need to complete the look. Your industrial furniture choices are important. You should use them to continue your theme of exposed materials, metal work and rustic wood. Our furniture collection provides all you need to bring an industrial edge to your home. You don’t have to go big and bold with your item, however. Our industrial trolleys offer a compact and cost effective way of complementing the industrial look without hauling large items of furniture into your home. Many have been repurposed completely, or feature original reclaimed pipes or machinery parts, to add the ultimate authentic feel to your industrial space.

As with any industrial furniture item, metals, such as iron, steel, copper and brushed nickel, play integral roles in the design of most of our trolleys. A number of our vintage and reclaimed creations also feature wire to encompass the industrial look and feel. In the typical trolley style, the majority of our industrial trolleys are moveable, incorporating wheels that are more than just statement features.

If your home is anything but industrial

If your home doesn’t already have the signature features of an industrial space, that doesn’t mean you have to avoid the look. Instead, you can use an industrial trolley to bring an otherwise neutral or modern style to life. If your space is pleasant but a little impersonal, the addition of a rugged metal frame and worn wooden-topped trolley could be just the addition you need.

Whether you choose a vintage, repurposed or upcycled trolley for your home, the key is to find a piece that adds that little bit of magic to your interior. Unlike the newly manufactured items found on our high streets, our industrial trolleys have an authenticity that’s impossible to beat. Thanks to the craftsmanship used to create our vintage and reclaimed items, you can also rest assured that your furniture investment is built to last. Our vintage and reclaimed industrial trolleys are available in various styles, materials and sizes meaning you can find the item that perfectly completes your wider look. Shop our industrial trolleys today.

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