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Scandinavian interior design is one trend that never goes out of fashion. Since its popularisation in the 1950s, fans of contemporary and vintage furniture have ogled the pared back colour schemes, texture rich furnishings and iconic lighting designs that make the Scandinavian style possible. Recreating the look in your home however is about more than just white washing the walls and installing a high gloss wood floor. Our Scandi nest of tables collection provides high quality additions that will help you bring a touch of Scandinavian style to your living room. Offering versatility for every space, our Scandi nesting tables are the perfect furniture investment for any interior. Check out our beautiful range now to complete your look.

Why choose Scandi nest of tables?

Scandi nesting tables have many uses within the modern day home. Not only are they great at helping you to enhance the look of your home, they are also incredibly convenient. After all, if you are used to expecting visitors and hosting them in your living room with a cup of coffee or something stronger, the extra surface space will always come in handy.

And yet there is a reason why you should consider a quality nest of tables over the cheap and cheerful options available from your nearest high street. Like many smaller furnishings a nest of tables can mean the difference between a good interior design and a great one. Whether you are looking to add carefully selected pieces to a sparsely furnished, minimalist space, or want to give an otherwise neutral living room a bit of enhanced character, choosing a Scandi nest of tables – particularly a vintage one with great heritage – can be incredibly effective.

We feature several Scandinavian furniture designers as part of our collection many of whom created stunning pieces during the mid-20th century. Browse our website and you may spot the Johannes Andersen vintage Danish coffee side nest of tables. Handcrafted from the most stunning teak, these early 1960s creations offer the most wonderful form and pay homage to the Scandinavian style thanks to their use of natural wood, elegant lines and sleek curves.

Incorporating Scandi nest of tables into your home

The humble nest of tables is a versatile weapon in your décor armoury. In fact, you can use them to replace many of the larger furniture items that your smaller sized space simply can’t accommodate. And while you may think that it is just the living room that warrants a nest of tables, these pieces can be just as at home in other rooms, too. Use your nest of tables to replace nightstands in the bedroom, boost surface space in playroom or provide room for a printer in your home office.

Why shop for Scandi nest of tables with Vinterior?

Our Scandi nests of tables puts more than just functionality on the map. They have been designed, manufactured and maintained to deliver an aesthetically pleasing look that doesn’t falter on quality. Many of the retro Scandi nest of tables you’ll see here at Vinterior use hardwoods, like teak, rosewood and mango wood, to ensure a durability and sturdiness that makes any space look great. As well as being built to last, each of our vintage pieces from the last century has a backstory that can make it a talking point in the home. Or if you prefer a more contemporary piece, there are plenty of modern nests here at Vinterior, too.

Consolidate your cosy, intimate, warm and inviting Scandinavian inspired scheme with a statement Scandi nest of tables.  Shop our collection today to find the piece you’ve been searching for.

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