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You may have noticed that as well as being proud purveyors of all things vintage and antique, we love the rustic look. In fact, our furniture and lighting collection is brimming with items that have that distinct, country feel. Ranging from contemporary to the more traditional, our rustic tables sit at the centre of our furniture selection, giving fellow vintage fans and lovers of the rustic look the items needed to do their own rustic style schemes justice. Browse our collection of rustic tables today.

Rustic tables: shopping with Vinterior

Our rustic table range is particularly extensive. Here you’ll find tables for hallways, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and home offices, meaning you won’t have to search long to transform your entire home into a rustic idyll if that’s your plan. The rustic interior design style is, after all, so much more than just a neutral lick of paint. Creating a charming, rustic space you’ll love to live in isn’t always easy as a result, but you’re in the right place to make the carelessly elegant, natural and rural inspired look a reality in your home.

There are many shapes, finishes and specifications to explore here at Vinterior. You may find an antique French farmhouse table with chunky legs or perhaps a glorious little tree root side table, with gnarly bark and knots proudly on show. Those interested in embracing the cosy concept of “Hygge” to get them through the long winter will love the texture rich, touchable rustic tables that form part of our collection.

Here at Vinterior, we put quality, character and craftsmanship at the heart of everything we do. As well as being passionate about vintage and reclaimed, we partner with independent boutiques, furniture dealers and sellers across the country to bring the biggest collection of used and refurbished furniture to you.

Vintage rustic tables

In the majority of cases, buying vintage means tapping into a higher standard of furniture. These vintage and antique pieces have already stood the test of time and thanks to a little tender loving care can continue to tell their story within your home for years to come. With a great backstory also comes plenty of charm and character, two things you won’t get from the newly manufactured homeware items and accessories found on our high streets and in other online stores.

Going vintage, antique or reclaimed is great for the planet, too. It’s an environmentally friendly way of furnishing your home, with our upcycled items in particular making use of materials that would have been destined for the scrap heap.

Far from the heavy, dark and rough styles of yesteryear, the modern rustic look is fresh, real, light and grounded. The style gives householders and visitors alike instant, unpretentious, organic warmth as soon as they step over the threshold. Our rustic tables work well across all room types and sizes.

We love new, too

We don’t rule out new pieces altogether, however. We supply new items that embody the vintage feel we love and let home improvers harness greater flexibility with their furniture design. A great example of this is the artistic single piece oak tables you can find in our range of rustic tables. These exclusively designed tables sport an all-natural, beautiful oak table top and ultra-modern table leg design that can be altered to your requirements. More of a work of art than a rustic table, these custom made creations are the perfect combination of old and new.

Transform your home into the warm and rustic setting it longs to be by browsing our rustic table range today.