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Console tables are a great space-saving option that can be used in a multitude of ways. Not only can you use them as surfaces on which to display items, they can also double up as work areas and dressing tables given the right piece and the right setting. Add a touch of character and elegance to your home with a retro console table. Whether you want a fresh minimalist mid-century console table, or a more recent console with all the kitsch futuristic style of 80s furniture design, you’ll find the perfect piece to complete your interior space here at Vinterior, the premium online shop for vintage and retro furniture. Browse the collection today and find a beautiful one-off console table to complete your dream look.

Retro console tables: the options

If you are looking to inject a splash of timeless character into your home, a statement retro console table can be a great focal point and conversation starter for any room. ‘Retro’ is a term used to describe a wide range of pieces inspired by vintage styles. Generally, retro style covers a large portion of the 20th century, anything from the recent past that perhaps makes us feel nostalgic for past styles.

So what kind of retro console table should you buy for your home? Use as a display table in your hallway, in a bedroom, guest room, living room or kitchen and dining areas. The simplicity, compactness and versatility of the console table have made it a staple for both traditional and modern interior design styles today.

In fact, you can create an eclectic space in moments, as well as gaining a functional and durable piece of furniture by buying a quality retro console table. Console tables are a fabulous way to display plants, ornaments and keep odds and ends such as bowls of keys and change in an accessible place.

Incorporating retro console tables in your home

Whether you are looking for sleek minimalism to complement a modern interior or offset a traditional Victorian home, a 1950s-era Danish Modern console table offers all the slickness of design while still being solid, durable and functional. Choose a solid Danish teak console table from the 1950s or 60s. The compact design means that it fits well into smaller spaces and its lightweight materials mean that it is easy to move around if you fancy changing the layout of your room.

Another fabulous retro console table style is anything inspired by the Art Deco movement. Look for a balance of luxurious materials such as heavily lacquered wood, frosted and stained glass and shiny polished brass with geometric shapes to embody the character of the iconic 1920s movement.

Shop for retro console tables with Vinterior

Shopping for retro pieces is one of the most creative and exciting ways to shop in the modern day. Why choose items that are clones of everything your friends own when you can find one-off pieces that are full of character and charm. Retro console tables are an affordable way to bring the best qualities of historical furniture design into your home, whether it’s a contemporary or a traditional space.

Retro shopping is also a great way to do your bit for the planet, as it reduces the amount of furniture that ends up in a landfill and diminishes the demand for modern mass-produced furniture which means less energy and materials wasted on disposable, trend-centric home products.

Find beautiful retro console tables and other vintage furniture at Vinterior, your number one stop for authentic pieces from the pages of history.