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Retro Console Tables

Not all empty spaces need to be filled, but with these eye-catching retro console tables, you’ll wish you had more rooms. Luckily, the versatile nature of a console table means you can fit one anywhere you choose. Liven up your hallway, living room, dining room or bathroom with a retro console table.Are you a fan of all things teak-fuelled? A simple honey-hued console table handcrafted in the 1960s can fill that awkward alcove in your hallway. Or for something with a little more vibrancy a retro gilt onyx round console table with embellishments and brass detailing can bring some glitz and glamour to your home.A pair of retro console tables can double the charm. Built to last and with a smattering of playfulness, you can elevate your interior with functional pieces. Shop Vinterior’s exquisite collection below.

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What is a retro console table and why do you need one?

Retro console tables describe console tables that were designed and created in the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Console tables are a versatile piece of furniture that can be placed in any room and used for any purpose. With our vast collection of retro console tables, you’ll find pieces that are great for narrow spaces, such as hallways, and pieces that are perfect for room centrepieces. The retro styles of the different decades are so unique that you could even place a different console table in each room and create your own time machine. Find yourself a pair of retro console tables forom the 1950s and place them in your hallway. Contrast that with a bold postmodern 60s console table in your living room. Switch it up in your dining room with a bulky 70s console table, ideal for storing dining mats and cloths. And then add an impressive country style 80s console table in your bathroom. Console tables make excellent decorative pieces and can offer smart storage solutions too. Discover our full range of retro console tables and choose your favourite.

Retro console tables with drawers

It’s just an added bonus if you come across a retro console table with drawers that you love. If you’re short on storage or like to keep a clean and clutter-free home, then retro console tables with drawers are your solution. With or without a drawer, console tables can be spruced up to look glamorous. People assume tacky is a big part of being retro, but that’s not always the case and you can prove them wrong when it comes to decorating your table. Décor and accessories on your retro console table can visually enhance your room and portray your personality. Wall art is an excellent choice when it comes to console tables that are up against a wall, such as in the hallway. Put a striking canvas above your table and you’ll immediately grab the attention of your guests as they walk through the door. Another popular choice to decorate your console table is a stunning retro table lamp.

Our boutique and independent sellers have a variety of lamp shapes, sizes, colours, and brands to choose from. With four decades of fun designs, retro furniture covers a huge range of styles so you can pick and choose the ones that work for you. Alternatively, you can blend other styles in with retro, for example 1950s retro works well with contemporary pieces of furniture.

Support our thriving community of passionate retro sellers and unearth your dream console today.

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