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A bedside table is an essential part of the bedroom, and we all use it for different purposes. Whether you want a clean, minimalist look with a simple lamp and room for a book, or you prefer to have a proper storage space with drawers, cupboards and shelves for all your bedtime bits and bobs, why not go retro with your bedside furniture? You’ll find a whole host of retro bedside tables to choose from in our online marketplace. With everything from luxurious Art Deco-inspired lacquered wood pieces, to sleek and simple Danish modern tables in classic solid teak: whatever captures your fancy, you’ll find the perfect furniture to complement your interior style from one of our certified online marketplace.

Finding the perfect retro bedside table

If you love to fill your home with decorations and furniture from the pages of history, you’re in luck. Simply search ‘retro’ on our online marketplace and browse an ever-growing collection of wonderful nostalgia-inducing pieces that will add instant character to any space.

One of the most important pieces for your bedroom, guest room or children’s room is the bedside table (or tables, if you want one on either side of a double bed). Whether you need a great storage place to keep odds and ends stored tidily, a large surface to keep your nighttime reading and favourite lamp, or simply a stylish way to balance out the look of the room as a whole, you’ll instill heaps of charm and character by choosing a retro bedside table.

‘Retro’ covers a vast range of pieces, so you can be sure you’ll find the perfect era and style to match your personal taste in our collection. Minimalist but not without character, mid-century furniture is some of the most sought after in contemporary home decor. It works perfectly within a contemporary interior look, but also complements a more traditional home – whether it’s a Victorian townhouse or an Edwardian country cottage.

If you are a fan of mid-century minimalism, find an original 1950s Danish teak bedside table with authentic chrome casters from designers Borge Mogensen or Kofod Larsen. Both are famed for their characteristic ability to blend style with function: the result with each piece of classic Danish modern furniture is something that both looks great in a multitude of different interior looks, while also being a useful and practical addition to the modern home.

Why buy retro bedside tables?

People are forever finding new inspiration and nostalgic pleasure from filling their homes with pieces from the past. Antique, vintage and retro furniture echoes of times past, and brings a unique flavour and charm to even the most fresh and featureless interior.

Rather than buying the same generic modern furniture that fills so many homes these days, explore a collection of one-off pieces and discover a wealth of treasures from reputable online retro furniture dealers. As well as providing you with an instant feature piece, choosing to spend your money on retro items is an environmentally responsible decision. Buying retro, vintage and antique furniture minimise the negative effects of cheap and disposable modern furniture on the planet – both from the energy required to produce it, and the space they eventually take up in a landfill.

Whatever your reason for wanting retro bedside tables and more for your home, you’re sure to find the perfect piece at our online marketplace. Get inspired and find a real treasure today.