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We use a wide range of tables every day without even thinking. From your bedside table when you wake up, to the kitchen table, dressing table, work desk, dining table and finally back to your bedside table at the end of the day. Showing your tables some love can be as simple as choosing the right materials, such as marble. This luxurious stone can instantly elevate the look and feel of your tables, and your home overall. With that in mind, enjoy exploring the vast collection of marble tables here at Vinterior.

Introduce luxury with a marble dining table

The dining table is the heart of luxury in any home. This is your chance to really bring a sense of elegance and decadence into your interior design, making your dining area feel like the special space it is. And there is no better material for this than marble, which is so closely associated with opulence.

When you introduce a marble dining table into your home, you blur the line between traditional design and modern aesthetics. Many marble dining tables mix the classical elegance of marble with more contemporary features such as metallic detailing, glass and rounded edges.

Why choose marble coffee tables?

Not only is marble an attractive and much-loved material, but it is also a highly durable one. Heat, impact and daily use rarely leave a mark on marble’s strong surface, making it the optimum material for a well-used coffee table. Hot drinks and rested feet are unlikely to scratch the surface of a strong marble design.

Many marble coffee tables boast luxury Italian marble as their central feature, providing a classical sense of elegance whether it originates from the 19th century or the 1970s. A marble coffee table naturally acts as the centrepiece of any living room.

Relax in style with marble beside tables

One of the great things about marble is that every cut is unique, thanks to the way the natural minerals and limestone have interacted with each other. The beautifully intricate veining and colours present on each marble bedside tables makes every option a unique one, meaning even this supportive piece of furniture can stand out and make a statement in its own right.

Marble bedside tables often have antique French or Italian origin, pairing the use of marble with ornate decoration and serpentine design to create a truly historical piece. Alternatively, more modern and mid-century options feature sleeker lines and simpler forms for a truly chic ambience.

Why shop for marble tables with Vinterior?

No matter what kind of table you’re looking to introduce into your home, you’ll find an extensive collection of luxury options all in one place right here at Vinterior. We are the leading online marketplace for unique and heritage furniture in the UK, with pieces take from across the generations. So whether you’re interested in antique, vintage, retro, mid-century or even contemporary dining tables, you’ll find them among our selection of thousands of premium items.

We are all about three things at Vinterior: character, charm and quality craftsmanship. Every piece in our collection has been carefully selected from more than one thousand sellers, brands and designers because it has its own special story to tell.

So what are you waiting for? Discover a fantastic selection of marble tables here at Vinterior.

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