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A Chinese side table can be a wonderful addition to your home. The intricacy of the detail, materials used and patterns on most Chinese side tables can turn heads for all the right reasons. They can be a natural fit to any hallway, living space, bedroom or dining area. If you want to find a selection of Chinese side tables to choose from, you’ve come to the right place. Our marketplace is full of Britain’s most prestigious furniture boutiques and trusted dealers to ensure each customer can find even the most niche item of furniture they wish for. Browse our collection today.

Getting to know Chinese side tables

There are some key features of a Chinese side table that make them easy to spot compared with other tables. Most of these side tables are made from a strong rosewood. The legs of the table can be straight with sharp edges but more often than not they have curved legs with detailed carvings. These carvings may be traditional Chinese patterns or depict Chinese tales and legends. Sometimes the wood is left in its natural form and sometimes it is lacquered or painted in notable colours such as gold.

The top of the side table can be made with various materials including a continuation of the wood used for the legs. However, you will find that many of the antique pieces listed here at Vinterior feature an impressive and eye-catching marble top. This marble feature is more common in smaller rounded or pentagon-shaped tables. Larger rectangle tables tend to be made of a consistent wood and some of these feature stunning scenes carved into the top surface of the table itself – certainly a feature that will attract attention from any guests you entertain in your home.

Chinese side tables also often come in nests of threes. And in some cases each tier of table is carved with a complementary scene to create a narrative across the three.

Why you should buy a Chinese side table

Like any side table or nest of tables, Chinese versions are functional in the living room or bedroom. Whether you need to perch a lamp, a vase or a casual drink on your table, the quality won’t necessarily matter. However, you should never overlook the importance of style and design in your side tables because they can play a significant role in achieving the overall look of your room.

Getting a Chinese side table will add detail and character to your home. These items are not found often and can even be antiques that may come with a backstory and continue to grow in value as they age. The rarity and individuality of each piece will mean your side table will likely be one-of-a-kind and something for your personal enjoyment only.

While Chinese side tables may not complement every type of décor, they can be incredibly powerful in those living rooms or bedrooms that are otherwise quiet, calm and neutral. The simple addition of characterful Chinese side tables can very easily elevate a room and make it a much more interesting and welcoming place to be.

Shop for Chinese side tables with Vinterior

If the features and benefits of Chinese tables have made you want one for yourself, now is the time to start researching the listings here with us. Chinese tables aren’t for everyone, but our marketplace has many other exquisite pieces of furniture to offer from other cultures and periods.