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Art glass sprang from a revolution in glassmaking in the mid-1800s when glassblowers began experimenting with colours, patterns, and textures. The consequent melding of artistry and technique resulted in a huge variety of beautiful and mesmerizing handmade glass ware such as vases, lampshades, bowls, decanters, paperweights, and even marbles. With eye-catching colours and an alluring array of shapes and patterns, vintage glass art offers a unique decorative accent that recalls craftsmanship from decades past. You can buy this art deco from Vinterior.

History of vintage glass art

Although glass objects have been produced as early as the Bronze Age, the more modern technique of cut glass dates back approximately 2,000 years. Glassmakers would hold a cooled piece of glass to a grinding wheel to carve fine grooves, intricate patterns, and compelling designs. The Italian city of Venice became a leader in the craft, as they moulded glass into elaborate drinking glasses and introduced colourless forms of glassware.

Why people buy vintage glass art?

Collectors of vintage glass art around the world often purchase these pieces for display, many others maintain them for everyday use. Glassware produced in the mid-18th through to mid-20th century is considered the pinnacle of glassmaking and thus one of the most popular eras to collect in the market. Vintage glass art encompasses many types of decorative and functional objects. They range from simple to fantastic and affordable to ornate and extravagant, literally something for everyone. Also, vintage glass art makes for wonderful personal gifts.

Vintage glass art add elegance and class

Complete any room with centrepieces vases, hand-blown glass lamps, modern abstract sculptures, and much more. Vintage glass art for the living room to the bedroom giving your surrounding an elegant and classy look. They complement your style exactly, whether you are a traditionalist or have an eye for the electric. Plain and etched glass has been a trend lately adding that charm in the home design you always wanted.

Where to buy vintage glass art?

Vinterior is one of the trustworthy marketplaces to source all antique and vintage items. We stock mid-century modern art glass from around the world. All the items are hand-blown works of art with the focus on Italian Murano, Italian Empoli, Scandinavian, British, Bohemian, Maltese, German, Austrian, Victorian and other vintage glass art like ART Nouveau, Cloud Glass, Depression Glass, Japanese Glass, Neodymium, Uranium amongst others.
Explore our range and find the one you love and will adore for years to come.