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Modernist Chandeliers

Add style, elegance and a touch of opulence to your home. Treat yourself to one of our modernist chandeliers. Unlike classic chandeliers, a modernist chandelier is less extravagant. Instead, it brings a cooler and more minimalist look. Trust us, they look incredible in a modern home.

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Modernist chandeliers for every room

The right lighting in your home can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Which is exactly what you can expect from our modernist chandeliers. You’re bound to find chandeliers in our collection that boast an elegant style, while still being affordable and unique.

A modernist chandelier is a great choice for any home, as they’re so versatile and can be placed almost anywhere.

Greet your guests with a sophisticated modernist chandelier when they step through your front door. Or tie the simplicity of your mid century modern living room together with a gorgeous modernist chandelier.

Modernist chandeliers can also complement a variety of different styles. As well as pairing nicely with mid century modern furniture, our modernist chandeliers also mix well with industrial and postmodern furniture.

We’ve got chandeliers for every budget. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll be able to find chandeliers for less than £200. Or if you’ve got a little more wiggle room, we’ve got rare, elegant chandeliers from the early 19th century.

In our collection you’ll find beautifully designed and perfectly crafted modernist chandeliers. From both up and coming designers to well known designers. Find names like Gaetano Sciolari, Emil Stejnar and Franta Anýž. And we also stock a variety of much loved brands, such as Stilnovo, Sciolari, Rupert Nikoll and Mazzega, to name a few.

Black chandeliers in modernist style

Hoping to match your modernist chandelier to your room’s colour scheme?

Our community of boutiques and independent sellers have a variety of colours to choose from. We’ve got brass, gold, silver, blue, green, and black modernist chandeliers, as well as many more.

We recommend pairing a black modernist chandelier with a neutral colour palette. You can create a minimalist feel in your home by choosing a black chandelier and placing it against white, cream or beige walls.

The contrast of black and white will look great and give you the opportunity to design a monochromic home. Remember to add a splash of colour too, such as some colourful wall art.

Brass modernist chandeliers

Need a modernist chandelier made from a specific material? We have you covered. Our marketplace of sellers source and craft only the finest materials, including brass, glass, steel, chrome, aluminium, crystal and nickel.

Brass is a popular chandelier material as it adds a high quality finish and warm feel to your home. As a material, it’s durable and sturdy. And when cared for a brass modernist chandelier can last a lifetime.

Brass chandeliers look great in characterful properties and pair perfectly with rustic or Victorian furniture.

And another attractive bonus of this material is that it requires little maintenance, just an occasional dusting. So it’s ideal for busy households.

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