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Vintage Marble Trays

A vintage marble tray exudes beauty and elegance. They can be used anywhere. But are especially useful in the kitchen, dining room, and living space to keep areas organised, tidy, and attractive. Our collection of vintage marble trays is constantly growing and features stunning pieces that add class and sophistication to your space.

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Styling vintage marble trays

Vintage marble trays are a versatile home decor piece that can be styled in many ways.

Place a beautiful vintage marble tray in your drawing or living room and add extra style to your table. Plus, keep those all-important items close at hand. You can set one on a coffee table and place decorative items into it, like candle holders, coasters, magazines, flowers, vases, and more. Plus, putting a marble tray on your coffee tray helps keep it tidy and spacious.

Our lovely marble trays also work wonderfully in the dining room. Set a tray in the centre of the dining table and place all the kitchen essentials into it. It’s the perfect place for salt and pepper shakers, napkins, glassware, candles, and more. And when it comes to cleaning and tidying up, you can easily move all the bits and pieces between the eating areas and the kitchen. It’s a win-win.

Consider using your gorgeous vintage marble tray in the bedroom too. They can hold almost anything and everything. It’s easy to have a messy bedroom, but staying tidy becomes a lot easier if you have a marble tray in your sleeping space. Not only do these trays enhance the style of your bedroom, they also keep the space looking coordinated and uncluttered. Pop everything onto it from jewellery to fairy lights to photographs – whatever takes your fancy.

As you can imagine, vintage marble trays can be a delightful addition to the bathroom too. A tray in the bathroom is an excellent place to set all your soaps, cleansers, shampoos, moisturisers, and other beauty essentials all in one spot. This way, you can avoid having your lotions and potions spread across the bathroom.

Choosing the right vintage marble tray

Glamorous and handy, vintage marble trays can be used for so much more than just a serving tray. Not only do they add to the decor as an elegant accessory, they also help keep essentials organised in one place.

Here at Vinterior, we offer stunning vintage marble trays of different styles. Whether you’d love a traditional piece to add to a classic interior design style or you’re seeking something more modern, we’ve got your covered. Looking for even more? Browse our full selection of vintage trays.