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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products


One of the most marvellous and showstopping pieces of furniture to come from the 17th-Century, the armoire has been loved all throughout the centuries. Gracing our homes with its sophisticated style and fierce functionality, the armoire can be used in just about any room. Originating in France, the armoire boasts the very best in quintessential French design, many pieces coming with beautiful ornate carvings and unique detailing. Antique armoires are perfect for popping in the bedroom as a multifunctional wardrobe and storage option for blankets, sheets and shoes or in the bathroom as a towel and toiletries cupboard, providing the ideal alternative to modern wardrobes or storage solutions.

Our extensive range of armoires has been hand-selected by our team of antique furniture experts. With pieces dating back to the 1600s, all the way through to vintage modern classics, our vast collection of armoire wardrobes brings you the very best designs from all across the centuries. Search for your perfect piece by material, period, dimensions, style, colour and more using our handy search filters. Completely elevate your space with the epitome of elegance in a beautiful French armoire today.

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What is a vintage armoire?

Armoires are large two-door cupboards, usually classed as vintage or antique wardrobes. Originally a French design that originated in the 17th Century, they tend to feature intricate ornate designs, typical of French design style. Most original armoires are antique, although newer vintage styles and remakes are available.

Armoires are freestanding, with two doors that can be used just like a normal wardrobe. Often featuring mirrors on the doors, they come in a huge variety of styles, shapes, colours, materials and sizes. Typically armoires are used as wardrobes because of their great storage options, often featuring shelves and hanging space, but they can also be used as bathroom cupboards, hallway storage, or even kitchen storage.

So what is the difference between an Armoire and a wardrobe?

Good question. Usually, armoires are larger than wardrobes and typically have both hanging space and shelves either along one side of the interior or at the top and bottom. Occasionally armoires also feature draws at the bottom too. Wardrobes on the other hand tend to be slightly smaller and focus more on hanging space over any additional shelves. Armoires also often feature far more ornate carvings or intricate little details, like wooden patterns and trims along the top, whereas wardrobes tend to be simpler and more straightforward in their designs.

Whether you opt for an armoire or a wardrobe, it's really down to a preference of style and what kind of storage space you need. You can check out our full range of wardrobes to see our full selection.

Armoires for sale

You’ll find plenty of gorgeous antique and vintage armoires in an extensive collection. Hand-selected to showcase the best designers, from boutique to budget, our armoire range features pieces that exemplify the best in quality craftsmanship. By shopping with Vinterior, you’re also helping to support our community of over 1,800 independent sellers and tradespeople.

Can’t find exactly what you’re after in our armoire collection? Check out our full range of wardrobes, cupboards or cabinets. Or head to our blog to find out what the difference between an armoire and a wardrobe is.


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