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Modernist design, by definition, aims to depart significantly from classical and traditional forms of the 19th century and earlier. Armchairs are one of the most long-standing pieces of furniture and there are a number of stunning modernist armchairs on Vinterior. Many of them belong to the Art Deco movement and represent a radical departure from traditional antique armchairs. Learn more about modernist armchairs in the Vinterior collection below.

Modernist armchairs for sale on Vinterior

Modernist armchairs for sale on Vinterior include among their number an array of Art Deco designs. These Art Deco armchairs are often characterised by their bold curves and chunky volume. Other modernist armchairs include the very popular steam bent models by Czech designer Jindrich Halabala.

Why choose a modernist armchair?

Why choose a modernist armchair? Simply put, they are really phenomenal pieces that will make for a style statement in any corner of the home. These modernist armchairs look fantastic either alone or as a pair and will lend enormous interest and character to your home. They are also very comfortable with deepset frames and plump furnishing - perfect for kicking back with a good book.

How to find a modernist armchair

Finding good quality modernist armchair can be difficult if you’re not an expert yourself. That’s where Vinterior comes in — we feature over one thousand trusted sellers of antique, vintage, reclaimed and bespoke furniture.
So, what are you waiting for? Get browsing our listings and find the perfect modernist armchair for your home today.