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Luggage has come a long way over the last century. In fact, thanks to technology, we have even welcomed “smart luggage” into our travel plans. And while most of us will undoubtedly prefer more recent baggage equipment that is light and “hold-friendly” for those long haul flights, vintage suitcases can still have a very important role to play back in your home. Browse our collection of vintage suitcases today and discover how you can incorporate them into your décor.

How vintage suitcases have come to be part of interior design?

The earliest form of suitcases, which were referred to as trunks, were hefty, built of wood, covered in leather and featured a heavy metal base. This was important for its protection, given the life of the travellers, who mostly travelled to different places around the world using ships. If not well protected, the suitcases would probably get wet within a short time, given the leaky nature of ships.

The end of the 19th century saw a whole overhaul of the ancient suitcase. They literally became a case for suits. Most were manufactured with an inner sleeve for storing suits and shirts, with perhaps a small hat box. This theme continued throughout the 20th century with a range of suitcases coming in all kinds of different sizes and with a number of different locking mechanisms.

In practical terms – for carrying holiday items – it is safe to say that newer is almost certainly better when it comes to luggage equipment. But that doesn’t mean that vintage suitcases have lost value. On the contrary, these charming and characterful items have transcended from luggage items to pieces of furniture in the home.Stacked up high in a corner of a living room, old suitcases now stand out almost like sculptures. In many cases, suitcases are also being used as coffee tables and side tables, too. Often we see battered leather suitcases from the early 20th century sitting on the floor of a study, supporting a vase, picture frames or perhaps a pot plant. In some cases, vintage suitcases can still fulfil a role as storage units, but instead they might be employed instead of a chest of drawers or under-bed storage container.

Why choose vintage suitcases?

There is something about vintage suitcases that is magical. Perhaps it is the thought of the far-flung places that the suitcase may have travelled, or maybe it is the tactile nature of the original leather or fabric. Whatever is the main form of attraction, there is undoubtedly something special about incorporating vintage suitcases into your décor.

Battered leather or worn fabric suitcases are particularly appropriate in shabby chic homes where they sit beautifully alongside dishevelled armchairs or worn sofas. Similarly, vintage suitcases can work well in industrial settings where the use of woods, leathers and metals can be complemented and contrasted by the materials of the suitcases. If you have a particularly keen eye you may even be able to match the brass of an industrial pendant light or lamp with the buckles and locks of your suitcase.

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