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The dressing table can be many things to many people. Beautiful, practical and aspirational, it was a key feature in Victorian bedrooms and they are very much back in fashion today. While the Victorian period was known for heavy, sturdy pieces of furniture, the dressing table is altogether more feminine and ladylike and adds a touch of glamour to the bedroom. The Victorian era saw an increased demand from the aspirational and newly wealthy middle classes who wanted to live the life of the aristocracy and the wide range of styles reflected this. Glamorous, opulent and well made, the Victorian dressing table is a thing of beauty that has stood the test of time. Browse Vinterior’s collection to add the perfect touch of traditional feminine splendour to your bedroom.

Why choose a Victorian dressing table?

Victorian dressing tables come in many shapes and sizes, matching the varied needs and tastes of the middle classes of the era. Luxury and glamour are as important today as they were in the nineteenth century and a well-chosen dressing table can elevate the bedroom. No dressing table is complete without a mirror. Primarily it is used to check hair and make-up but it can also add additional light and the feeling of space to a room. Many come with a fixed mirror, sometimes up to three so you can check your look from every angle, while stand-alone mirrors are also available. Usually ornately carved and oval in shape, they could be added to an existing dressing table to complete the piece.

Storage is also a consideration when purchasing a dressing table. If your make-up and cosmetics take up a significant amount of space, you may wish to have a place to tidy them away to – particularly if you are house proud and detest clutter. Choose a dressing table with vanity drawers and you’ll have a place to store your make-up, notepaper, keepsakes and jewellery. In this modern age you may even wish to store your mobile phones and chargers, loose change and tickets. Look closely and you may discover secret or hidden compartments to store smaller items, ideal to hideaway smaller pieces of jewellery or so you know exactly where your favourite item of make-up is.

Dressing tables are to be sat at and enjoyed as well as being a decorative piece of furniture. Choosing the right stool or chair is therefore very important. Some come with the original stool, usually sturdy, well made and with beautiful upholstery depicting floral patterns that were popular at the time. If the original is not available, pair with a stool or small chair from the period in a similar timber to complete the set.

A well-chosen dressing table oozes character and can add glamour and luxury to your bedroom. Whether chosen in a style that matches existing bedroom furniture or as a one-off statement piece to elevate a contemporary bedroom, the Victorian dressing table is to be loved and admired.

Find your perfect Victorian dressing table with Vinterior

There are many glorious examples of stunning Victorian dressing tables here in our collection, each one displaying the glamour and opulence of the period. Attention to detail and function were at the forefront of Victorian design and each piece shows unique touches that make it stand apart. Whether it is original brass handles, an unusual candle slide or an intricate carving, there is something that will make it stand out. Victorian dressing tables are all about beauty, and our range of unique pieces will help elevate any bedroom. Whether you are looking for a one-off, stand-alone piece, or are looking to match your existing Victorian bedroom furniture, browse the Vinterior range now to find the perfect piece of Victorian splendour for your bedroom.