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Thanks to the simplicity and cosiness of the Scandi style, it’s a popular interior design choice for the bedroom. Your bedroom should, after all, exude calmness and relaxation. And for those looking to go one step further by incorporating the Danish notion of “hygge”, your design choices play a vital role. As well as introducing a neutral or earthy colour scheme and touchable, texture-rich soft furnishings to promote the feeling of comfort and wellbeing, the furniture you select to complement the scheme should be carefully considered. After the bed and wardrobe, the dressing table is a must-have furniture item for the bedroom. Our Scandi dressing tables embody the relaxed look that works so well in Nordic schemes, whilst providing the tidiness and storage capabilities that keep the clutter in the wider space to a minimum. Check out our vast range of retro Scandi dressing tables and introduce this elegant, exciting style to your own home.

Why choose Scandi dressing tables?

In theory, nothing says glamour like the addition of a dressing table. But fabulousness aside, Scandi dressing tables fulfil a very different purpose that makes them essential furniture items in any Nordic scheme. Our Scandi dressing tables have the storage you need to keep your bedroom clutter free, providing an organised space to store toiletries, makeup and beauty essentials, as well as a dedicated area you can use to get ready for the day ahead.

Our retro Scandi dressing tables don’t just help you look your best, they can be used to complement your interior design aesthetic with a solid, stylish look that suits your scheme. The modern vintage Scandi dressing tables you’ll find at Vinterior delivers both form and function to ensure a stunning furniture option for your Scandinavian style bedroom.

Incorporating Scandi dressing tables into your home

With the Scandi style you can be as real and rustic as you like in the bedroom. However far you want to go with your Nordic inspired scheme, incorporating the dressing tables and other furniture items that ooze Scandi appeal is simple thanks to the diverse collection found right here. In the typical all-white Scandi style bedroom, colour and character are added through the furniture investments you make. Our collection of Scandi dressing tables provides plenty of food for thought.

Most sport a classically modern mid-century design handcrafted from hardwood to ensure the Scandi style is embodied and an element of interest added to a room. Many of the retro Scandi dressing tables we supply also come complete with mirrors to provide an even more prominent focal point in the bedroom. Among our listings you may find our rare G Plan teak dressing table. Designed by Kofod Larsen, this furniture piece is a Scandi collector’s dream as well as a practical and stunning furniture option.

Why shop for Scandi dressing tables with Vinterior?

Discovering the Scandi dressing tables to complete your look is all too easy thanks to our extensive collection of vintage and retro furniture. Striking the perfect balance between simplicity and attention to detail, our beautiful retro Scandi dressing tables exude the earthy cosiness the Scandinavian design is known for, whilst providing a polished, elegant look all at the same time.

Create a unique look that is truly timeless and enduringly stylish by embracing the Scandi style in your home. Browse our range of Scandi dressing tables today for inspiration.