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Storage is a key component in any home. Finding places to store all those odds and ends, from important paperwork to the children’s toys can be a challenge, especially in modern homes where built-in storage is often lacking. Modern storage solutions are often visually unappealing. Colourful plastic boxes may look fine in a child’s bedroom but don’t work so well in a stylish living room or bedroom! Finding attractive ways to keep items out of sight is, therefore, an important challenge. Enter the rattan storage box! Discover our collection of vintage rattan storage boxes today and keep your odds and ends out of sight in the most stylish way.

Why choose rattan storage boxes?

Rattan has been a popular material in the Far East for centuries. However, it only really became known in Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries when its strength and aesthetic appeal was finally recognised. Rattan became a particularly hot trend during the 1930s and 1940s, and furniture manufacturers began to make all kinds of furniture and decorative items from this robust yet attractive material.

Storage boxes were just one of the many different items that were made from rattan. In a wide range of shapes and sizes, their visual appeal made them a hit in all rooms of the home. Vintage rattan storage boxes all have an elegant and aesthetic appeal. Thanks to their natural material construction, they are visually stylish, making them an ideal addition to your home – certainly a better solution than a plastic storage tub!

Some are made entirely from rattan, with a natural weave that exudes the exotic. Others are made from a combination of rattan and wood for a more structured appearance and extra strength. Both are very stylish and act as a great way to store items in plain sight without spoiling the visuals of your room.

Rattan storage boxes may be light in colour or may be dark depending on the natural colour of the material, and while some are minimalist, others are decorative. All are surprisingly robust, however.

Why Buy Vintage Rattan Storage Boxes?

Vintage rattan storage boxes are an ideal solution for even the most modern 21st century home. If you love the idea of vintage style but don’t want to go to extremes by investing in antique or retro furniture, rattan storage boxes are a great way to introduce an edge of vintage elegance into your space.

Built to last, vintage rattan boxes are not only visually appealing but they are also durable and robust, lasting for many years to come as a beautiful addition to your home. A much better alternative to any modern plastic box, a vintage rattan box can easily complement any style of interior decor.

There’s no more attractive way to store even the most unsightly items in your space.

Find vintage rattan storage boxes at Vinterior

Vinterior specialises in bringing together a wide range of attractive vintage and antique decorative items and furniture to add a touch of elegance to your home. We’re here to give you the design inspiration you’ve been searching for, and we’re confident you’ll find beautiful rattan storage boxes in our range that will perfectly fit the bill.

Check out our rattan storage boxes today and find a better way to keep your items safe and out of safe in plain view!