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A console table is an elegant and compact option for those who need a table for placing along a hallway or primarily for display purposes. Today, many people use console tables to display decorative items, such as a vase of flowers, photo frames or plants and can also be used as a TV or stereo stand. Grey is an eternally popular choice of colour in both modern and traditional interior looks. It exudes class and elegance, while at the same time being subtle and minimalist. A vintage console painted in grey can create that perfect balance between heritage charm and contemporary sleekness. If you are looking for a beautiful grey console table for your home, our online marketplace has a wealth of options for you to choose from.

Choosing grey console tables

With so many styles of elegant and statement console tables available to browse, where do you begin? First of all, consider the space in which you want to place your console table. Make sure you know the rough shape and size you need for the space and think about any other practical requirements you might have. Do you want a console table with no drawers, one drawer, or two? Or would you prefer a compact three-legged console table to fit neatly against a wall in a compact space? Once you’ve got some ideas about your ideal console table, take a look through the ever-growing collection in our online marketplace.

Grey is a wonderful, versatile colour choice, so what shade of grey do you want to go for? Find beautiful wooden painted console tables in the palest ice grey, or opt for an uber modern elephant grey with polished chrome details. Or perhaps you want a piece that balances a warm wooden display surface with a cool painted grey body? Find retro console tables that have been upcycled or reproduction pieces made in the style of a vintage option, but with a contemporary twist of modern grey and silver detail.

If you wish to add extra surface space to a farmhouse kitchen or shabby chic kitchen, why not try a rustic wooden console tables that have been enhanced with a touch of shabby chic grey paint and add to a modern kitchen-dining area for an effortlessly cosy yet stylish effect.

However you want to decorate your home, the essential console table doesn’t have to be dull and purely functional. Get inspired and find the ideal grey console table for your space today.

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The ongoing trend for retro and vintage furniture shows no sign of slowing down. For many, original pieces with a story to tell are often preferable to generic, mass-produced modern items. Not only this, but the experience of simply browsing for vintage items is fun in itself. Discover beautiful one-off pieces that have a rich heritage and get nostalgic about retro furniture and accessories that you haven’t seen since your childhood. Rather than dragging yourself round a modern store full of dull, functional items made from cheap materials, discover hidden treasures and high-quality antiques that allow you to express yourself and create a cosy and characterful living space in moments.

Vintage furniture is also an eco-friendly option and helps reduce the amount of furniture going to landfill unneccessarily. And because you are not relying on the manufacture of new products, you are helping to make your home a more sustainable place by reducing the use of valuable natural resources that go into producing new items. Find the perfect furniture to complete your home today at our online marketplace.