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A glass side table can be an exceptionally useful addition to an entrance hall, living space or bedroom. It can act as a sleek surface on which to perch a vase of flowers or add other items or decorative features. And unlike chunky wooden tables, glass side tables can feel less imposing in room or space, retaining the sense of light and airiness. You can find glass side tables from different periods exhibiting various features here at Vinterior. If you would like to view the different glass side tables currently featured on our marketplace then explore our listings and find you inspiration.

What are the features of glass side tables?

A glass side table offers an extra surface in your home to help keep your interior clean and tidy. Many glass side tables also feature a shelf space under the top surface, to provide extra functionality and a great place to store secondary items.

Although the table surface itself is made from glass, you will find that many of the tables here at Vinterior feature frames made from a range of different materials. Whether it is chrome or steel, teak or oak, there are a number of different options you can choose from to match your décor or perhaps contrast your interior design where necessary.

The shape and design of the legs will depend on the period the glass table comes from and the shape of the table surface as well. While glass tables with wooden frames were not uncommon in the mid-20th century, chrome and steel frames are more indicative of contemporary design. These can also be perfect for you if you are looking to achieve an industrial finish in your living room or even bedroom. Some glass side tables may have a nesting feature where smaller glass tables are inserted under the main one. Other side tables may even have a basket or wheels attached.

Why choose vintage glass side tables?

By choosing to buy one of the glass side tables with our trusted antique dealers, upcycling craftsmen or vintage traders, you’ll be getting a handmade piece that is unique. Never again will dinner guests have the right to claim ownership of your furniture with one of these individual items.

Look to the 1970s in particular and you will find a stunning array of interesting and experimental glass tables. Examples can include glass and brass tables by Peter Ghyczy, featuring a sand-cast base; and a vintage mahogany and glass coffee table featuring bowed legs and carved detailing. A great option for a conservatory or informal seating area would be a vintage wicker and glass side table such as those produced by Rohe Noorwolde.

By purchasing a pre-used side table you are not only tapping into the history of a much-loved piece of furniture that brings character and charm to your home; you are also getting the opportunity to create a more sustainable home. Buying vintage and antique pieces helps to prevent perfectly good furniture from ending up in landfill and also reduces your reliance on newly manufactured pieces that use up valuable natural resources.

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