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Chinese altar tables have their roots firmly in ancient religion but you don’t have to be an expert in theology to value the aesthetic appeal of one of these beautiful items of furniture. Generally crafted from a combination of hard and soft woods, Chinese furniture often features beautiful, creative marquetry and contrasting finishes. A variety of woods can be used in Chinese altar tables but regardless of whether you want something crafted from most prized zitan or huanghuali, glossy rosewood or pale bamboo, the visual result is invariably stunning. Each piece has its own unique history, and the older it is, the more likely to have been adapted for daily life over the course of its existence – so don’t be put off by adjustments, it’s all part of your altar table’s rich history. Browse our beautiful collection of Chinese altar tables now.

Why choose Chinese altar tables at Vinterior?

At Vinterior, we feature a wide range of antique furniture from over a thousand sellers, and we trust them all to bring you the very best items on the market. Because we sell such a wide selection, we have Chinese furniture that meets every need. Antique Chinese furniture is highly prized and can range dramatically in price, but even if your budget doesn’t extend to thousands of pounds for a perfect-condition antique altar table, we are sure to have something that catches your eye.

How to style your Chinese altar table

The slim silhouette of classic Chinese altar tables means that they make exquisite hallway furniture – a stylised and perhaps slightly unorthodox alternative to the classic sideboard in a British corridor. Welcome guests to your home and they won’t be able to help but notice that you have a stunning and unique antique Chinese piece that is steeped in history and charm.

Top your Chinese altar table with a retro telephone, a decanter of port and a vase of flowers, and you are sure to make the right first impression when friends and family come to visit. The slender shape of these tables means that they needn’t just be left in the hallway, though – they make a great addition to whichever room requires some additional surface space. In the sitting room, why not use an altar table to display family photographs or fine art and photography books from your collection, or even as a television stand; their height means they make excellent console tables, with space enough underneath for a home entertainment system and a selection of games and DVDs. Meanwhile, in the bedroom, they can be repurposed perfectly as dressing tables and look beautiful topped with a jewellery box and an array of classic perfume bottles, flanked by a vintage mirror and adjustable stool.

Feeling inspired? Begin your search for a Chinese altar table on Vinterior today and add an element of chic, oriental antique style to your home.

We sell new, too

Not only do we feature stunning examples of antique Chinese altar tables here at Vinterior, we also sell options from selected contemporary manufacturers who are chosen for their design excellence and quality craftsmanship. If you’d like a Chinese-style altar table with a modern twist, try searching for a new altar table that combines the simple, beautiful design of the antiques with contemporary materials and up-to-date styling

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