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For a few years now, we have been bombarded with magazines and articles full of neutral interior settings. White walls, cream tones and minimal clutter have all been at the forefront of design for while now, but while these can all be attractive features, it’s important not to forget the role colour and detail have to play in giving our homes their character. Colourful shabby chic furniture is a fresh and exciting way to shake up your interior design, and that’s exactly what you get when you choose pieces from a celebrated designer like Annie Sloan. Discover the extensive collection of Annie Sloan painted furniture right here at Vinterior.

Why choose Annie Sloan painted furniture?

Annie Sloan has been responsible for a decorative painting revolution over the last three decades, having earned a reputation as one of the world’s most respected experts in paint and colour. With the creation of her own brand of decorative paint in 1990, Chalk Paint, Sloan transformed the world of furniture design. Today, Annie is the author of 26 internationally sold books, using her fine-arts background and passion for great design to motivate others to try their hand at their own furniture creations.

Sloan’s passion for decorative painting is reflected in her designs. Her painted pieces are quintessentially bright, bold, whimsical and fun, revealing Sloan’s own mantra for inspiring people to be creative and adventurous. Her designs have gained recognition from many leading publications, including The Telegraph (“one of Britain’s most influential female designers” ), Elle Decoration ( “a household name in interior design since 1990” ) and The Irish Times ( “Annie Sloan, the Queen of paint” ).

Introducing Annie Sloan painted furniture into your home

Sloan’s furniture represents all that’s great about the shabby chic style. This is furniture which doesn’t try to be seamless or overly sleek, instead celebrating its imperfections and using them to evoke a fun, relaxed and homely feel. By using her own Chalk Paint, Sloan encapsulates this aesthetic by transforming furniture with colour and a charming homemade quality.

Chunky wood furniture such as cabinets, sideboards and chests of drawers work particularly well against Sloan’s signature style. With a large surface area on which to create her art, Sloan manages to transform what would be a perfectly pleasant and functional item of furniture into a real statement piece. A brightly painted sideboard can make a fantastic addition to a farmhouse kitchen, adding a real sense of fun. Alternatively, Annie Sloan painted furniture can work really well in a child’s bedroom, where you can be a bit more outrageous and imaginative with your colour choices.

Other pieces by Sloan use more neutral tones of Chalk Paint to create items which are both shabby chic and undeniably elegant. A console table or sideboard in white and pastel tones works beautifully in the hallway, or even as a quirky dining room addition.

Why shop for Annie Sloan painted furniture at Vinterior?

Finding high quality original Annie Sloan painted furniture can be challenging when you’re relying on your local market, but with Vinterior you no longer have to worry. We are the largest online marketplace for unique premium furniture, featuring pieces from throughout history, including vintage, antique, retro, upcycled and contemporary items. We specialise in furniture that tells a story, so if you’re looking for character you are in the right place.

Discover an exciting world of colour and quality by exploring the range of Annie Sloan painted furniture here at Vinterior.

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