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Seller Guide

Please read our Best Practices Guide carefully to understand the expectations of Vinterior, which apply to all registered seller accounts using our site and services.

Your use of Vinterior means that you accept, and agree to abide by all expectations outlined, which supplement our Terms of Service.

+ Be responsive and available

Responsiveness can make or break the buyer experience, so all enquiries, delivery quote requests and sales should be managed in a timely manner. Some answers may take longer than others to find - but setting the expectation of each buyer accordingly will provide them with the best possible service levels, and 5-stars is the minimum we want them to receive.

If a member of the Vinterior team needs to speak to you about an order or enquiry, we expect you to be easy to contact via email and phone.

Please note; providing a mobile number as your main contact will allow us to send SMS notifications when new enquiries and sales are received - to help you keep on top of things.

+ Keep your buyers updated

At the moment, we do not have the option to offer multiple quantities of the same item on the product page. Please add the quantity information to the description of your listing, so customers can contact you to discuss availability and pricing.

If a customer expresses an interest in purchasing two or more of the same item from you, you can edit the price, title and description of that listing by clicking Edit on your My Listings page.

+ Ensure 100% listing accuracy

If it's on the listing page, it must be true. This applies to titles, descriptions, images and all additional details displayed to the buyer.

Product details and listing fields must be accurately filled in. Avoid misleading keywords within the title and description in an attempt to boost search visibility. Select only suitable style categories.

If the item you are selling displays some damage or significant wear and tear - this should be clearly highlighted in the description, and detailed close-up images should be added to the listing.

Please note; if a buyer questions the accuracy of a listing once the item is delivered - and we find that the product details have been misrepresented, you will be liable for all delivery and return costs.

+ Keep your inventory up to date

Buyers can take their time to make a decision on a purchase. Imagine their disappointment if the piece they choose isn't actually available anymore?

Please ensure that as soon as you sell one of your items on another sales channel, that you head to your My Listings page and Mark As Sold as soon as possible. This could be done on your phone within a minute - so there really is no excuses!

Please note; multiple cancellations could lead to the suspension and closure of your Vinterior account. We're working very hard to bring new buyers to our site - and we must ensure that the service they experience is 10/10!

+ Don't share contact details

The Vinterior messaging system allows unrestricted communication between buyers and sellers before and after a sale is made. Please ensure this is used professionally.

Do not make any attempt to close a sale directly with a buyer away from the Vinterior platform. All enquiries should be answered within the message threads, which are displayed within your account Inbox.

Contact details should only be shared on the rare occasions a viewing of an item is required. Please ensure that purchases made during a viewing are placed on the Vinterior site, so both you and the buyer are protected by our payment system and site terms.

If a sale is made during a viewing, but the payment is made directly to you - rather than the Vinterior site - the details of this sale should be disclosed to our team as soon as possible, so we can generate an invoice for the commission.

Links to external websites or social media pages should not be included in any enquiry responses. We monitor all communications and a member of our team will be in touch with you if our site terms are clearly breached.

+ Provide accurate delivery estimates

When responding to a delivery quote request or confirming an order, ensure the estimated time frame provided will be adhered to. Extraneous circumstances may affect the final delivery date, but keeping the buyer up to date with the progress of their order will keep their expectations correctly set.

Update the Additional Delivery Information field within your account. This information is displayed on each of your Vinterior listing pages and can help provide 5-star service to our customers - by clearly outlining the process once one of your items is purchased.

Ensure these estimated minimum and maximum prices are realistic and select a delivery time estimate that you know can be fulfilled for all sales.

+ Money owed to Vinterior will be paid on time

An invoice could be issued to you from Vinterior for two reasons:

1) An early payment was processed for a sale, but the order was cancelled or the item was returned to you.

2) A sale was generated via our site, but the payment was made directly between you and the buyer - and our commission fees still apply.

Each invoice we generate and send to you must be paid within 14-days of receipt. If money is owed to you for another sale, we will reduce further payouts to ensure the balance of your account is up to date.

+ Invoice your buyers accurately and efficiently

It is a legal requirement to provide an invoice showing VAT details (if applicable).

More and more professional buyers are purchasing on Vinterior and all of them require an invoice from you for their accounting. General consumers can also request an invoice, so please ensure you are aware of the details required, and how to send them through the site.

All of the information you need about generating and sending invoices can be found Edit on your on this page - so please read through the information and save this link for future reference.

Please send invoices within 7-days of the request.

As new features are built and the Vinterior site and our services improve, changes will be made to this Best Practices Guide. We will inform you of these changes, but please ensure you are aware of these expectations and adhere to them at all times while working with us.

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