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Retro Picture Frames

Memories are precious and are best captured in a photograph, which can be displayed and used to decorate your home in our retro picture frames. Retro picture frames are perfect for all your memories, as they can create an old-fashioned feel to your newer photos or can perfectly complement older images.

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Retro picture frames

Photos can fade with time if they aren’t properly cared for. But why put them in any old frame? Using photographs in your home can be a great way to decorate and choosing the right picture frame can help to not only display your photos but also show your personality. Our retro picture frames offer something for everyone’s personality and home décor preferences. We’ve got simple and stylish frames from the 50s, quirky and loud frames from the 60s, bulky and bold frames from the 70s and geometric shaped frames from the 80s.

Retro picture frames bring you a large selection of colours, so they can easily match and complement the colour scheme of any home. We’ve got rich browns, delicate golds, smooth blacks, stylish silvers and washed-out whites, as well as bold reds, blues and greens to choose from.

Where to put your retro photo frame

Retro photo frames can be hung up on your walls, placed on top of stylish furniture, such as a retro console table, or even displayed on pieces of furniture from a different style, such as antique bookshelves. Display cabinets or glass glazed sideboards offer another great opportunity for you to show off your fond memories. Browse our range of vintage sideboards and find inspiration for your photo placements. Your retro photo frames will also look incredible on a mantlepiece in your living room or bedroom. And you can complement this look further by adding a vintage mirror above the mantelpiece.

The best thing about retro photo frames is that they can complement any style of furniture and can be mixed with a variety of other photo frame styles. So, don’t be afraid to pick and choose styles, materials or frames from different eras.

Picture frame retro UK

All of our furniture and accessories, including our retro picture frames UK are crafted and hand-picked by experts from all around the world. This means you can find picture frames made here in the UK from some of our independent sellers, as well as bespoke frames from big-named European designers. Browse our full range of picture frames to find your ideal display pieces. To add some extra style to your home, make your retro picture frames part of a gallery wall paired with wall art.