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Vintage Copper Home Accessories

In our vintage copper home accessories London collection, you’ll find local sellers with a variety of accessories. Add unique items and a bit of whimsy to your home. Browse our selection of Victorian wine bottle holders, antique log buckets, mid century vases, antique wall plaques, Edwardian bed pans and vintage wall clocks. Why not add a little more warmth and a touch of history to your home with our metallic copper home accessories?

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Vintage copper home accessories London

Copper is an excellent material for both interior and exterior home decoration. The metallic hue adds warmth and elegance to any home, while creating a stylish and chic feel.

We’ve got tonnes of vintage copper accessories to choose from. Including pots and planters, buckets, wine bottle holders, wall clocks, vintage signs, bathtubs, vases, bed pans, lanterns and more.

Our copper accessories promise to bring warm and deep colours into your home. Copper accessories come in a variety of hues, so you can pick the one that matches your home best. Choose from soft honey shades, deep orange tones or dark reddish and dark brown hues.

And it’s not just the colours that vary so much. Our copper accessories come in many different textures too. From perfectly polished and glistening to gorgeously textured and intriguing, we’ve got copper accessories that’ll suit every home.

Our community of over 1,800 boutiques and independent sellers mostly stock pieces from the 1800s and 1900s. But you might also be able to find older antique accessories in our collection too.

We’ve got prices to suit every budget. Those who are looking for rare collectible accessories can find gorgeous copper options made by high-end designers. And those who are on a tight budget can find beautiful copper accessories for less than £100.

Why choose copper for your home décor?

Adding accessories of any kind can provide much needed colour, texture and patterns in your home.

And copper is a great choice of material when it comes to accessories. It can complement and blend well with any style.

Those who favour sleek and simple designs from the mid century modern style and neutral colour schemes can effortlessly include copper in their lounge, dining room or kitchen. We recommend keeping it simple with a stunning copper planter to house your plants and let the glowing metal complement your greenery.

Those who prefer to design their home with rustic furniture might choose to add copper to contrast with the natural woods in their home. We recommend you put a copper fireplace fender or coal bucket in your living room to add even more warmth and character.

Choosing copper accessories for your home can help to tie your room’s ambience together. This is especially useful if you’re mixing different styles.

For example, a romantic living room might have velvet Victorian sofas, a rustic bookcase and a French style sideboard. But you might feel your room still isn’t complete. And that’s where carefully placed copper candle holders or wall décor can help.

Copper also looks great when paired with other accessories from our collection. We’ve got ceramic, brass, glass, iron, bronze, silver and steel accessories to choose from.