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Vintage Copper Clocks

Vintage copper clocks are a unique addition to your walls. Thanks to their eye catching metallic hues. These sturdy copper cocks are as durable as they are stylish and are sure to stand the test of time. Explore our collection of vintage copper clocks and add some extra flair to your home.

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Styling vintage copper clocks

Copper clocks are distinctive due to their sleek metallic finish and sturdy design. Incorporating copper clocks into your home is a practical and easy way to introduce gorgeous metallic hues to your space. Not only do these robust pieces allow you to help keep track of time. The metallic accents help you modernise your home design.

As copper clocks offer a versatile look, they compliment many rooms in the home easily. Hang them in the hallway to welcome guests as they step into your home. Set them over the fireplace in your living room to work as a statement piece or pop one in your bedroom to add some flair.

Accent a bright, open wall in the kitchen. Or hang a vintage copper clock in your home office to spice up an otherwise dull design. The decorating opportunities are almost endless.

Vintage copper clocks work well hanging alone on a wall, bringing a statement style to the room. As many of our pieces have a diameter exceeding one or two feet, they look fabulous filling large, empty walls.

Or, to make a space even trendier, pair your vintage clocks with other pieces of wall art, including paintings, canvases, prints, and vintage signs. A gallery wall featuring a copper wall clock as the focal point can come across as chic and glamorous at the same time. Every time you or your guests enter a room, you’ll be drawn to the colourful, decorative, and stylish clock gallery wall.

Choosing vintage copper clocks

Our collection boasts various styles of vintage copper clocks. Some feature Roman numerals, while others have Arabic numerals. Typically, the metal hands of our copper clocks stand out, making it easy to tell the time every time you take a glimpse at the piece.

Whether you’re decorating a kitchen, bedroom, living area, or another space, our vintage copper clocks can enhance your walls. Our collection of practical copper clocks features robust metal constructions, metallic accents, and large diameters that make them stand out.

If you’re looking for a unique clock style rather than a traditional piece, you can’t go wrong with a lovely, bronze vintage copper clock.

Searching for your perfect vintage copper wall clock is easy too. Simply use our search system and change the filters according to your tastes. You can search our copper clock collection by style, material, country of origin, and more.