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Storage is vital for a clutter-free home, but there are some possessions you don't want to shut away in a cupboard. For those prized objects you want to display but not have in the way, gorgeous, strong shelves are the only way to go. And it is always worth remembering that the shelves you choose are every bit as visible as the items you place on them. So, why wouldn’t you invest in shelves that have their own sense of style and character? Reclaimed wood shelves are becoming increasingly popular interior design options. The strength, beauty and character of reclaimed wood as a material creates shelves that won't be overshadowed by what sits upon them, but work alongside the surrounding decor of a space to create a coherent aesthetic. Browse Vinterior today to see our stunning collection of reclaimed wood shelves.

Why choose reclaimed wooden shelves?

Reclaimed wooden shelving can be made from almost any type of wood, although the most commonly used are beech, cedar, pine and oak. This means that they come in a range of different looks and styles, from elegant minimalism to bold Scandinavian industrialism, depending upon the wood and treatment used and how the furniture maker decides to work with them.

If you are looking to add a rustic set of shelves to your farmhouse kitchen, many of our sellers offer shelving cut to size in order to fit in your chosen alcove or wall space. As kitchens and bathrooms can have more moisture in the air than a living room or hallway, a wax or varnish can be requested to make your new shelves water resistant.

The marks and scars of the wood's previous life are usually left intact when you buy reclaimed shelves. This is because the greatest appeal of reclaimed wooden shelving is the individual character of every piece. The marks speak of a piece's history. The wood could have come from an antique chest of drawers, the joist of a building or even a railway sleeper. Wherever a craftsperson has sourced their wood from, each piece is entirely unique.

And don’t forget that the supporting brackets can be an important feature, too. Many of our sellers introduce steel or copper piping brackets to add colour, texture and a sense of the industrial.

Another benefit of reclaimed wooden shelves is durability. Whether the wood has come from a construction site or an old table, only the best wood is salvaged by furniture makers. If the wood of a shelf has held up a building for fifty years, it will certainly handle your DVD collection. Reclaimed wood is also one of the greenest ways you can go about furnishing your home. It saves more trees from being felled and repurposes material that may otherwise have been thrown away. A gorgeous, strong set of shelves can help you to make your home a more sustainable place.

Reclaimed wood shelves: why shop at Vinterior?

When it comes to distributing high quality, characterful furniture, we at Vinterior will not be beaten. As the largest furniture marketplace on the web, we have a reputation for excellence. Whether you prefer small and elegant shelving, or something bold and colourful, the furniture you purchase through us will be durable and the result of expert craftsmanship. Despite the size of our furniture collection, we only deal with the most reputable traders, brands and designers, to ensure all our customers are satisfied. The two things all our furniture has in common, from the newest models to Victorian antiques, are quality and character.

Visit our website today to browse through our diverse collection of reclaimed wooden shelves. Be prepared to fall in love.