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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Bauhaus Sofas

Bauhaus sofas ooze originality and elegance. Bring 1930s sophistication to your living room by embracing clean lines, chrome curves, and inspirational form. Both functional and comfortable, a Bauhaus design sofa brings a touch of industrial flair to your space.From iconic Slezak-designed Bauhaus couches to stunning black leather Thonet examples, there’s sure to be your dream sofa in our carefully curated collection.Bauhaus sofa design flourished in the interwar period as consumers wanted to shun the ornate and fancy flourishes of the previous decades for a style that was more minimalist, functional, and easy-on-the-eye. Bauhaus sofas aren’t fussy but they are beautiful. Mixing the fluid lines of the art nouveau period with the tubular chrome of bentwood masters, Bauhaus style sofas are unique. A Bauhaus sectional sofa is a statement piece fit for any vintage aficionado or design connoisseur. Explore the collection below.

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What is the Bauhaus movement?

Bauhaus was a school of architecture in the 1920s that was founded in Germany. Curved lines became signature features of the seemingly more futuristic buildings of the time. It wasn’t long before this school of architecture began to influence the furniture designers of the 1920s and 30s. They innovatively used the same curved lines, fluid shapes, and varied materials to craft wholly new and inspiring designs that stood the test of time in terms of popularity.

Well-made and built to last, chrome-framed Bauhaus design sofas and armchairs are now highly sought-after. Perfect for an industrial, minimalist, eclectic, or vintage living room, you can sit the whole family on a 1930s couch for cheeky TV dinners, movie nights and games evenings.

The features of Bauhaus sofa design

Bauhaus couches tend to embrace the big and the bold. Large bulbous cushions adorned Robert Slezak-designed pieces. From pops of blue leather to vintage fabrics, you can emulate a warm, cosy feel or a more contemporary warehouse apartment vibe. Tubular chrome was fashioned using a bentwood technique to develop innovative sofa frames. Lightweight but resilient, Bauhaus style sofas can withstand the rigours of modern family life.

Whether you’re hunting for a Bauhaus sectional sofa for a versatile living room seating arrangement or you are looking for the perfect Bauhaus sofa to finish your latest commercial interior scheme, Vinterior’s got you covered. We’ve scoured the UK and Europe for the finest examples so you don’t have to. So sit back, relax, and browse the sustainable Bauhaus sofa collection today.

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