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Minimalism and neutrality have been big players in interior design for several years now. We’re constantly being bombarded with images of sleek, inoffensive rooms made up only of whites, creams and simple furniture. But while there are plenty of benefits to minimalist styles, you should never be afraid to inject a space with a bit of colour, excitement and personality. One great way to do this is with lighting, which can impact the look and feel of a room overall. Tiffany lighting uses its iconic combination of colour and glass to create pieces which stir the imagination, and you’ll find an extensive collection of Tiffany lights right here at Vinterior. Browse our range today and get inspired.

Why choose Tiffany lighting?

Established back in 1878 by Louis C. Tiffany, the brand Tiffany quickly became responsible for some of the most iconic and recognisable light fixtures of the last 150 years. Louis took inspiration from European, Moorish, Oriental and American furniture to create the brand’s signature look, pairing stained glass with striking silhouettes to prove once and for all that lighting is more than just a practical tool; it’s a design statement in its own right.

Tiffany uses different kinds of glass to create bright and bold lights for tables, floors, walls and ceilings. The colourful shades often sport geometric and botanical patterns that helped make Tiffany one of the leading names in Art Deco design.

Introducing Tiffany lighting into your home

As well as being decadent, Tiffany lighting is also extremely diverse. There are many different options to choose from. Consider a mellow table lamp for the bedroom with calming blue tones in its stained-glass shades, or a more geometric table lamp to bring light to a home office. A floor lamp makes a fantastic addition to any living room, especially one with warm yellow tones to its shade. Alternatively, choose one of the brand’s more decadent ceiling lights to really make a statement in the dining room.

Whatever ambience you’re trying to create, Tiffany possesses the versatility and dynamic design you need to make it a reality.

Why shop for Tiffany lighting with Vinterior?

There was a time when authentic Tiffany lighting would have been difficult to come across. Thankfully, unearthing a hidden gem is much easier when you can search a network of more than a thousand trusted sellers. With Vinterior, you can find exactly what your interior design needs all in one place, from the comfort of your own home.

We are the leading online marketplace for heritage and artisan furniture. Our collection includes many thousands of individual items from more than one thousand trusted sellers, celebrated designers and iconic brands. This includes an extensive range of Tiffany lighting and you will only find the highest quality pieces within our listings.

As well as vintage furniture, our collection also includes a vast selection of contemporary furniture, with all the character, charm and quality craftsmanship of the finest antiques. We simply seek out premium furniture with a story to tell, suited to every home and every taste.

So what are you waiting for? Light up your home by exploring the range of Tiffany lighting available here at Vinterior. Browse today and get inspired.

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