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Brass Plates

Discover our vintage brass plates and spruce up your dining experience. We’ve got an extensive selection of vintage brass plates, including intricately detailed decorative plates, brass cover plates, brass charger plates and brass trinket plates and dishes.

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Vintage brass wall plates

Brass is a strong and durable material, which is why brass plates have been around for centuries and are still popular today, both for everyday use and for decorative purposes. Adding decorative pieces to your kitchen and dining room give you the perfect opportunity to display your personality and style.

Our range of vintage brass plates come in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns, including large circular plates, small square plates, plain brass platters, plates with decorative rims, plates with detailed engravings, cover plates and brass charger plates.

Brass is a strong, sturdy metal that is made using a combination of copper and zinc. So its colour can be anything from a rich metallic red to a dark metallic yellow. As well as brass-coloured plates, we stock a range of other colours of metal plates.

With detailed brass plates depicting artistic scenes from all around the world to smooth and perfectly polished brass wall plates, we’ve got something for everyone. Our boutique and independent sellers craft and source the finest brass and materials to bring you outstanding items that just have to be flaunted.

Vintage brass charger plates

Charger plates, originating from the 19th century, are a great way to exude elegance at your formal dinner parties. Our vintage brass charger plates can create an ambiance that’s sure to enhance your diners’ experience.

Brass is an excellent choice when it comes to a charger plate because the material conducts heat, which can help keep your plates hotter for longer. They can also add an aesthetically pleasing splash of colour to your dinner table. Our brass charger plates are multi-functional too, as they can be used as a base for floral centrepieces when you aren’t entertaining guests.

How to style your vintage brass decorative wall plates

There are plenty of options when it comes to displaying and styling your vintage brass plates. For example, you could decorate your walls with an array of brass, steel, iron, glass and ceramic plates to create a unique display that grabs the attention of your diners. Check out some of our other decorative plates to find the right ones for your home. Alternatively, you could display your brass plates on a beautiful vintage or rustic kitchen dresser.

We recommend styling your brass plates alongside natural materials such as oak, pine or walnut, as the red and yellow tints in the brass will stand out best against natural browns. Decorative plates work excellently with antique and rustic style furniture. Try pairing your plates with one of our antique tables and some rustic stools.