Creative Garden Shed Ideas

7 easy ideas to decorate your garden shed

Your humble garden shed may not be the first place you think of when searching for a quiet spot for your next zoom call or as a breakout space to keep the kids entertained, but these simple spaces can be easily transformed into functional and appealing additional ‘rooms’ with some garden shed decorating ideas.

In a post-lockdown world, we’ve adapted and become used to making the most out of hard to come by indoor space. Most of our homes are overflowing with things already and we’re always trying to squeeze in that extra bit of storage wherever we can, but one sizeable storage space that often gets overlooked is the unassuming garden shed.

With a lick of paint and a few simple decorating ideas for your garden shed, they can be transformed from the garden dumping ground into an appealing additional room.

So if you’ve got an outhouse or woodshed that’s looking a little worse for wear, here are our 7, easy-to-implement, DIY decorating garden shed ideas—from simple hacks to total transformations. 

Brighten it up with a lick of paint

Let’s start with something simple —a fresh paint job can go a really long way. Adding a few new coats can not only smarten up your garden shed but completely transform the feel of your outside space too. Looking for some garden shed colour ideas? Here’s what we’d recommend:

Our top tips:

  •  If you are feeling bold, go for a bright shade for its exterior. Light blues, yellows or pinks will create a deep vibrant contrast against any garden walls or lawn.
  • If you’re short on space, opt for an exterior in a mossy green, charcoal or navy blue to shrink your shed and give your garden the illusion of being bigger. 
  • For the interior, add some warmth and really open the space up with a soft pale green, beige or light yellow.

Go potty for a new potting shed

A classic garden shed idea, potting sheds are great storage spaces for all of your trowels and tools. Doubling up as handy indoor workspaces to plant pots and perennials, these little outbuildings are great for helping seasoned gardeners get to work, all year around.

Our top tips:

  • Make use of wall space by fixing hooks along the interior and exterior walls to hang tools vertically. 
  • Invest in a potting table with raised sides so compost and soil don’t fall to the floor.
  • Add deep shelves to store pots along walls or hang a few from the ceiling, freeing up floor space for garden furniture, or logs in the winter.
  • Use external walls to display your watering cans and buckets, maximising every angle.

Light it up

Why not decorate your shed with some vintage garden lights to create a welcoming setting for the evenings.

Even the drabbest of backyard sheds can be revived with the right lighting. Vinterior has a collection of vintage garden wall lamps that will add some after-dark ambience to your outdoor space.

Our top tips

  • Solar string lights draped around the edges of your shed’s roof can have a great visual impact. Solar lights are a good option as they are eco-friendly and come on automatically when the sun goes down. 
  • Pinup a white sheet to a free exterior shed wall and use it as a projector screen for your very own open-air cinema.

Create an outhouse oasis

Why not transform your garden shed into a cosy corner, perfect for relaxing, reading and recharging.

Our top tips:

  •  A light, airy shade of paint will give the illusion of space whilst also being inviting
  • Add a bench seat across one wall and drape it with vintage cushions and vintage throws to create a welcoming setting
  • Cover the floor with bamboo matting or a seizable rug to keep extra warmth in. 
  • Dress up the walls with your favourite prints or vintage wall art and throw in a few vases or shelves for your favourite books.

Create an outdoor office space

Revamped garden sheds can make amazing summer studio or office spaces. In fact, some of the most critically acclaimed novelists have frequented garden sheds as their choice of studio, and with a few simple touches, you can transform yours into a working from home haven.

Our top tips:

  • Again, choose a nice bright, airy colour to maximise the feel of the space.
  • Consider replacing solid doors with french windows to let the light in.
  • Decorate with plenty of plants and a nice vintage rug so there is something soft underfoot. 
  • Choose a solar-powered lamp and a portable wifi booster box to get the most from your zoom calls.
  • If you want to use your shed as a studio year-round, consider investing in running power to it so you can install some lighting, plug-in heaters and charging points.

Create the perfect playhouse

Looking to get the kids away from the iPads and out of the house this summer? Redecorating your garden shed to create a larger than life ‘Wendy House’ for your little ones is a great way to do this.

Our top tips:

  • Get the kids involved to help decorate with some simple bunting, bright colours and solar-charged fairy lights. 
  • Add a mini table and chairs with a few cosy cushions and blankets. 
  • Pop in some shelves and stack with all of your kids’ favourite puzzles or games for hours of outdoor entertainment.

Entertain your guests with a garden bar

With a few DIY hacks, you can transform your dreary shed into a summer sanctuary.  Simpler than it sounds, all you’ll need is a couple of power tools and a plentiful supply of sangria to become the ultimate alfresco host.

Our top tips:

  • Cut a serving hatch in the side of your shed to create a drop-down bar (check out this video from Selco to see how). 
  • Attach some spirit dispensers to the back wall and decorate with your favourite vintage plaques and signs.
  • Drape some solar-powered lights above the bar, grab some outdoor bar stools and get serving!

Garden Shed Decor FAQ’s

My shed is tiny, what about inside small shed ideas?

Even if you’ve got a postage stamp space to work with, don’t worry. You can still maximise the space inside your tiny shed for garden storage. Try some of our tips for creating the perfect potting shed and remember to take the inside out. You can always use the outside wall space for hanging up tools, pots and even use the roof space for a green roof. 

What can I line the inside of my garden shed with?

If you’re looking to create a usable room, like a reading nook or studio, it’s a good idea to line the inside of your shed for extra warmth. Plywood is great for this as it’s strong, thick and generally affordable.

I’ve not got time to renovate my shed, are there any DIY quick-fixes?

If you’re looking to cover up an unsightly shed, try adding a lattice or trellis to visible exterior walls and growing some vine plants up the sides. Large climbing plants like wisteria can also be great for growing over the top of garden sheds to really blend them in. 

So there you have it, our top 7 backyard shed ideas. Hopefully our tips have inspired you to get your gardening gloves on and create that little pocket of paradise in your backyard.

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