Four Interior Themes for 2023

Four Interior Themes for 2023

We’re certainly no strangers to looking into the past for inspiration. In fact, our love of characterful vintage and antique furniture is what keeps the Vinterior team galvanised. But even we’re not immune to a good interiors theme and what better time to look forward and glean new ideas than as a new year begins?

In 2023, our focus remains on championing pre-owned. But, what is old can always be made new again, which is why we’re looking at four key interior trends that you can adopt with some key vintage pieces. Whether you’re giving your home an overhaul, moving into your first space, or finally getting around to decorating your guest room, read on to find out which 2023 interior ideas we’re loving for the year ahead.

1. Jewel-Tone Colours

A ruby red velvet sofa in modern style in a brightly coloured living room.

Image: @nuhtrop.m on Instagram

Bold colour is back in this year’s interior design trends. From extravagant emeralds to Pantone’s colour of the year, Viva Magenta, warming jewel tones will bring your rooms to life. Keep things flexible with bright accessories in clashing shades or go all-in with large pieces of furniture in rich tones. 

Bring the look together

When working with bold colours, you can easily overdo it. And while we’re big fans of maximalism, too many clashing jewel tones can overwhelm a space. Edit the number of jewel colours you use in a room and try to use tones that elevate each other rather than look messy. Remembering your ratios is important, follow the 10-30-60 rule. 60% of your room should be your dominant, or main, colour, with accent shades taking up 30% and 10% respectively.

A good way to get started is to work with bold accessories to find the colour matches you love. Arrange bright glass bowls, vases, and trays with each other to see what looks best to your eye. Picture frames and mirrors are another fantastic option when it comes to playing with colour. Set these out on the floor until you hit upon the right blend of shades. 

2. Unpredictable Accessories

A clam shaped lamp with pearl-shaped light source on top of a teak sideboard.

Image: @agata__bialek on Instagram

Unusual and characterful accessories will dominate interior trends in 2023, with pre-owned pieces the perfect choice for one-of-a-kind design. Whether handed down, hunted for, or happened upon unpredictable accessories are top of the list to add intrigue to your home this year.

Bring the look together

While a statement sofa or a striking sideboard might be the first thing you notice in a space, it’s all the little details that create a truly unique home. Curating your personal style through pre-owned home decor means being expressive and staying as incalculable as you are. 

Twisted, curving picture frames and antique reliefs are a good place to start. Often handmade by expert craftspeople, these pieces typically feature quirks of their own, adding to that unique feeling you’re after. 

It’s also about how you combine pieces. A mid-century modern lamp shaped like a mushroom paired with religious antique art and a kitsch postmodern print adds playfulness while also showcasing some of the things you love. Don’t be afraid to be totally yourself when it comes to unpredictable accessories. Source what you love and style it your way, even if it’s a completely useless decorative piece which just sparks joy.

3. 70s Design Revival 

A set of cane-seated Cesca chairs in a dining room with a bright orange mushroom lamp on a 1970s sideboard.

Image: @spacejourney7 on Instagram

After bubbling up in the fashion world for a few seasons, 1970s style is finally back on trend for interiors in 2023. From pre-owned rattan pieces and faded patterns to mushroom lamps and plush sofas, old is the new new when it comes to the 70s design revival.

Bring the look together

Fortunately, design icons abound when it comes to 1970s furniture. From Ligne Roset’s iconic Togo sofa to B&B Italia’s Camaleonda, there are plenty of statement 70s styles to keep you going in 2023.

However, to get your 70s design revival just right in a contemporary home, it’s important to blend your pieces together well. A printed 70s sofa, with a striking geometric pattern, is the perfect piece to build your look around. If you’ve opted for a vibrant shade, keep the rest of your decor pared back. Jute rugs and rattan furniture will help you curate your space and provide a neutral backdrop for striking styles. 

If you’re feeling a little more glam, get inspired by disco vibes and add some high-shine gold-tone pieces to the mix. A plump 70s armchair and sofa look great around a shimmering coffee table. Or you could invest in an eye-catching cocktail trolley to entertain in 70s style.

4. Grandmillennial

Image: @home_stead on Instagram

Endlessly inspiring, Grandmillennial sees no sign of slowing down for 2023 interior design trends. Mix traditional pieces with a modern eye to curate a characterful layered look. Seek inspiration from your Grandma’s style but bring it up to date with thoughtful colour, bold patterns, and sculptural shapes.

Bring the look together

Once referred to as “granny-chic”, the Grandmillennial style combines modern design elements with traditional, homely pieces. Embracing outdated decor styles such as floral prints, decorative ceramics, and frilly linens, this trend is all about being brave and curating an unexpected space. 

If you’re new to the theme, start with some simple upholstery and soft furnishings that you can swap and change as you like. Floral patterned cushions clashing with wide striped upholstery are a great way to dip your toe in. ‘Brown furniture’, aka antique pieces such as side tables, will add to the overall effect, as long as your patterns and prints feel sharp and modern rather than faded.

How to Curate a Characterful Interior in 2023

A set of scultural, modern candles holders and a large blue fluted vase displaying pink flowers on a dining table.

Image: @barbarella_mx on Instagram

Whether you decide to follow the trends or curate one-of-a-kind themes for your home, pre-owned furniture and home decor pieces are perfect for building a characterful space. From wildly unpredictable accessories to grand antique furniture, the key to all these trends is unique pieces that showcase your style.

So which interior ideas are you loving for 2023? Or do you have a one-of-a-kind home you’re dying to share with the world? Reach out to us below and share your 2023 interior trend inspiration with our community. 

Featured image credit: @tam.tam.living on Instagram

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