Modular Danish storage for small space

Storage Ideas for Small Spaces: Declutter, Reorganise, Repurpose

A home without clutter is the stuff of dreams. However, it’s hard to turn this dream into a reality if you’re square footage is far from palatial. A bijou kitchen, a little bedroom, and a snug living room can make home organisation a real challenge. That’s where our storage ideas for small spaces guide can help.

We’ve teamed up with Sarah Greig, the founder of Edit – a bespoke decluttering and home organisation service – to make it easier than ever to create a harmonious clutter-free space that you enjoy spending time in. 

Sarah Greig

Sarah Greig – Credit: Edit by Sarah Greig

Every inch of your interior needs to be utilised to maximise your storage prowess. You can do this by finding those hidden storage spaces and thinking about small space storage ideas in a sustainable way. 

“Choose wisely, choose functional and choose built to last.” — Sarah Greig

How do you store a lot of ‘stuff’ in a small space?

It can seem impossible. The kids have an endless amount of toys, you have a neverending array of books, you’re cooking utensil drawer is fit to burst, and you can’t bear the thought of adding to your shoe collection. What can you do?

What you don’t have to do is learn to live with it. Instead, have a read of our top five tips to help demystify the art of home organisation for a small space.

Modular Danish storage for small space

Vintage Danish modular wall unit | Seller: Futureantiques

Five small space storage ideas

  1. Declutter: “Get everything out, categorise it, and put it back in zones,” suggests Sarah. Doing this helps organise items like kitchen utensils, your vinyl collection, or books. Compartmentalise using boxes or baskets before placing items back in drawers or cupboards. Doing this increases how much stuff you can squirrel away.
  2. Use every surface: Think the back of a door can’t be used to store small items? Think again. Mount a vintage spice rack on the back of a door to add some much-needed storage to a kitchen, pantry or larder.
  3. Go up: While an attic conversion may be a bit of a stretch, clearing out your eaves can rejuvenate the amount of storage space you have to play with. If you haven’t used an item in twelve months or can’t even remember owning it, it’s time to pass it on or give it to charity. Sarah points out, “You don’t need to store a ski kit that you use once a year in your bedroom wardrobe. Can it go up to an attic instead?” Freeing up your immediate living areas will help you to see just how much space you have to play with.
  4. Embrace vintage: Mid-century storage is great for a smaller space. Brands like Ladderax created storage systems that were simple and modular. They can be customised and placed against a wall or in an awkward alcove to maximise your storage options and look achingly cool. Consider low-level sideboards with cupboards and drawers to draw the eye away from a low ceiling. And old factory pigeonhole shelving can make fantastic shoe storage in a hallway or toy organisation for a playroom.
  5. Consider drop-zones: Bathrooms can often feel like the neglected room of the house when it comes to square footage. By hooking some seagrass or wicker baskets to the back of the door to create drop-zones, you can pop in your toiletries, dirty laundry, or towels to free up space.

Storage ideas for small kitchens

Do you struggle with worktop space? Are your mugs bursting out of cupboards? Is it always an effort to find the ingredient you’re looking for? Sarah has some handy tips to make rustling up a midweek meal a pleasure rather than a chore.

Storage ideas for small kitchen

Credit: Edit by Sarah Greig

Sarah’s five tips for organising a small kitchen 

  1. Always start with a declutter, get everything out, categorise it and put it back in zones. 
  2. Consider what you use and what you need. If you have a small kitchen and don’t entertain for many there’s no need to have cutlery and plates for twelve – store excess in attics.
  3. Add open shelving and hooks. Consider all wall space as potential storage – hanging pans, cups and other items to save space. 
  4. Cupboard organisers, lazy Susans and extra shelves can be a life saviour in a small kitchen – look for saucepan organisers and mini shelves to add height in storage.
  5. Think about what can you store outside of your kitchen – keep surfaces clear by storing bulky electrical items elsewhere and bringing them in when you use them.

Storage ideas for small spaces on a budget

Vintage storage solutions

1920s brown steamer trunk | Seller: Magpies Vintage

Storing in a sustainable way will naturally save money. Vinterior’s curated collection of pre-owned storage is a great way to create a characterful home with multi-functional good-looking pieces that are good for the planet. 

Do you need more storage in your living room? A one-of-a-kind vintage trunk can be repurposed to create a stunning T.V. bench with inbuilt storage for kids’ toys, books, and other bits and bobs. Small vintage baskets can create zones in drawers and help to organise socks and underwear. And mid-century coat hooks don’t have to be used for anoraks and jackets. Repurpose coat hooks in the kitchen to make an attractive place to hang your pots and pans.

There really is no need to purchase expensive storage solutions when you can reuse or repurpose an item to keep your home organised and tidy. Sarah states that “Everything comes in so much packaging nowadays… so much of it is beautiful and can be reused.” The next time you buy a pair of trainers, flats or heels, consider the knick-knacks you can categorise and pop into the shoebox before storing in your attic, cellar, or at the top of your wardrobe.

When considering ideas for storage in small spaces, it’s not about making extra space, it’s about using the space you have in a more streamlined way. Pare back your items, declutter, reorganise, and repurpose to create the clutter-free existence that you crave.

Declutter, reorganise, repurpose

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