Kitchen table and chairs

9 Easy Ways To Put The Heart Into Your Home

The heart of your home is the space where you spend most of your time. It’s where you feel most at ease, comfortable, happy, and content. 

For some people, the kitchen is the natural heart of their home; a space where they can rustle up feasts for family, socialise with friends, and bake sweet treats with the kids. For others, the living room, with its cosy hygge vibe, warm-glow lighting and space to fit all the family on movie night provides the heartbeat of the home. And for a select few, it’s the humble study that is the hub. This is the place you ideate, feel inspired, and connect with others remotely when working from home.

So, which room is the heart of your home? Not sure? Whether you’ve just bought you’re first home and you’re keen to put your own stamp on it or you simply want to add some heart and soul to your space, we’ve got you covered. 

With our nine easy ways to put heart into your home, you can create a bespoke space that you adore.

Kitchen table and chairs
Featuring pieces sold by Vinterior seller, Scene by Chloe

Is the kitchen the heart of your home?

Does having your nearest and dearest gathered around a large table eating, having fun, and sharing jokes bring you joy? 

Some may say that the kitchen is the most important room in a house. It’s where you begin your day, where you eat, where you meet, and where you bond as a family. Kitchens can be magical. From the intoxicating scents of a Sunday roast to the sounds of the kids doing their homework at the kitchen table, this is a space that has become the new living room for many.

If you’re keen to make your kitchen the heart of your home, we’ve got some handy hints to turn your dream into reality.

1. Embrace the joy of vintage furniture

A table and chairs that have bags of character are a must for the heart of your home. Opt for a one-of-a-kind dining set that you can’t find anywhere else to inject personality into the space. Does your kitchen evoke country-chic vibes? Is it a haven of all things Scandi? Or is your kitchen dominated by a minimalist high-gloss finish? 

A huge refectory table and chairs could be the signature piece you’re looking for to enjoy those big family dinners. Or perhaps a kitsch Formica table with mismatched chairs will add a smattering of eclectic style to mirror your personality. A pre-owned table and chairs can be perfectly imperfect and the focal point for making a lifetime of memories.

2. Make your kitchen as sociable as possible

Even if you’re not blessed with a large open-plan kitchen, you can still create a sociable space where your loved ones can gather. Adorned with high bar stools, an island is a great place to hang out with friends. And for the most bijou of kitchens, a peninsula can be an effective way to add visual definition to your space. 

3. Embrace storage solutions

The heart of your home should be a comfortable space. That means clearing the clutter and embracing innovative storage. Repurposing vintage biscuit barrels, bowls, enamel tins and jars to store your more awkward bits and bobs can add warmth and nostalgia to your kitchen.

Signature sofa
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Is the living room the heart of your home?

If you love nothing more than snuggling up on your favourite chair in front of a roaring fire with your favourite hot beverage, then you might be keen to make the living room the heart of your home. 

Your living room is where you watch the latest box set, enjoy a cheeky takeaway with friends, whip out the yoga mat, play board games, and read. The most multifunctional room in the house, your living room can be a communal hive of activity or a tranquil space for some alone time. 

Ready to make your living room the heart of your home?

4. Make your sofa the centrepiece

The pièce de résistance of any living room is the sofa. Getting this key piece of furniture right for your space, your family, and your lifestyle can elevate your living room to the heart of your home.

A pre-loved sofa is a sustainable way to personalise your interior. Minimalist die-hard? A 1960s boxy sofa with simple angles and clean lines would suit. Button-back fanatic? A Chesterfield with an achingly cool worn leather patina can add character. Want to sink into your sofa? The togo is the go-to. Whatever vintage sofa will bring joy to the heart of your home, you’re sure to find it at Vinterior.

5. Create an ambience with lighting

The heart of your home needs to be welcoming. Let natural rays flood in and supplement dull areas with nuanced lighting. A floor lamp with an opaque shade will cascade warm diffused light across your space, while an arc lamp will focus light in a cosy reading nook. Use lighting to create the perfect ambience for your living room.

6. Choose your colour palette wisely

Forget following the greige trend just because it’s on the cover of every other glossy interior design magazine. You can create an environment that you adore spending time in. Off-white shades exude calmness. Teals and blues bring sophistication to a space. And yellow tones are the sunniest hues to explore. 

Paint your walls the colours that you love and echo your palette in your furniture and furnishings. From a tile-top vintage coffee table to a vibrant throw or two, dashes of colour and texture can add a warm hug of familiarity. 

Vintage desk
Vintage desk sold by Vinterior seller, House of Twenty

Is the study the heart of your home?

While the study might seem like a bit of a heart-of-the-home curveball, the home office has taken on a whole new significance in recent years. As more people work remotely, one of the smallest rooms of the home needs to become an inspiring, creative place to spend your working days. 

Home office, study, studio, or den? Call it what you will, we’ve got a few tips to help make your workspace the beating heart of your home.

7. Personalise your space

Your work environment has the power to inspire productivity and boost morale. Whip up a few photographs of your proudest achievements, whether this is reaching the summit of a mountain or a portrait of your firstborn. Whenever you feel a pang of procrastination, glancing at these personal moments can spur you on.

8. Go green to boost productivity

Ever fancied being a plant parent? Flex your green credentials and add some houseplants to your home office. Bringing the outdoors in can lift your mood, reduce fatigue, and clean the air within your study space.

9. The desk is everything

The desk you choose to sit and work at is the foundation of your study. With a bona fide vintage desk, you can add a piece of social history to the heart of your home. From authentic school desks that evoke memories of your old headteacher’s office to late 19th-century metamorphic architect desks, you can breathe new life into something old and full of historic charm.

Make pre-owned the heart of your home

Creating the heart of your home is a personal endeavour. At Vinterior, you can find a vast array of wonderfully different pre-owned pieces to add character to your kitchen, living room, study and any other room of your home.

Evoking a sense of nostalgia, warmth, and comfort, one-of-a-kind pieces of vintage furniture can help the heart of your home beat stronger than ever.

Put the heart into your home

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