Furniture that can endure anything life throws at it

Furniture that can endure anything life throws at it

As we move into the 2020s, a fresh optimism emerges. A frenetic external environment has become the new normal, a reality which has encouraged the building of emotional shelters inside our homes. These help us unwind and recharge from the turbulent outdoors. The pace of change is showing no signs of slowing down, so we rely on our personal spaces to provide anchors to keep us on solid ground. And while we still favour simplicity and an uncluttered look, minimalism no longer cuts through. We are craving colour as emotional therapy and feel ready to take risks with maximalism and durable vintage furniture with character.

Style is not a luxury. It’s an antidote.

Furniture that can endure anything life throws at it
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The idea of home and the whole home decorating landscape are evolving at an unprecedented rate. The struggle to find the answers to the growing pressure to adapt, left us relooking the good practices of the past.

And while practicality is still the driving force of the majority of home decorating projects, it is now clear that style is no longer seen as a luxury, but rather an antidote. We are reaching out for furniture that inspires and speaks to us and don’t fear to invest heavily (both mentally and materially) in the furniture that feels just right.

Vintage drink cabinet

Drinks Cabinet Cocktail Gin Storage With Tropical Lemur Interior

durable vintage furniture

Stunning Antique Distressed Pine Table

Durable vintage furniture in a new decade

But as we move into the new decade, building a future heirloom furniture collection becomes increasingly complex. While our living spaces continue to shrink and produce a growing pressure on our lifestyle routines and family relationships, it is now crucial to figure out what type of furniture will be able to withstand our demands in the decades ahead.

quality vintage furniture

Black Rustic Wooden Shop Counter / Console Table / Sideboard

Furniture that can endure anything life throws at it

Vintage French 4 Door Maiden Cabinet

Certainly, not all that’s worthy will make the cut, but the pieces listed below definitely show a rock-solid staying power.

Beautiful vintage dining tables that don’t compromise on practicality

If you are embarking on a home renovation project and would like to introduce more vintage into the mix, purchasing a quality period dining table is one of the most obvious solutions. Vintage dining tables are built to last and often come at reasonable price tags which makes them a wise investment opportunity.

durable vintage furniture

8ft X 4ft Farmhouse Dining Table. British Made. Farrow And Ball Colour Choice

As new and shiny no longer hit the top of our furniture wishlists, we’re opening the doors for reminiscent designs to take the centre stage. 

Durable vintage dining tables present a fabulous opportunity for adding layers of history and interest to your home while at the same time you end up scoring the extraordinary quality for less.

Extra tip: If you want to make sure that the dining table you select will become part of your family and potentially follow you around in case of a move, consider opting for an extendable vintage dining table as it will allow for more flexibility.

durable vintage furniture

Large, Mid Century, Extendable, Teak Dining Room Table, Circa 1960’s

Furniture that can endure anything life throws at it

Circular Dining/Kitchen Table Painted White With Natural Wooden Top

Quality dining chairs that thrive in every interior style

When it comes to selecting perfect dining chairs, there is something you need to know about. There is a cheat sheet! 

When in doubt, just pick Ercol Goldsmith or Thonet No.14 and you won’t go amiss. These design icons age so gracefully and look as contemporary today as they did when they were first introduced. They are famous for playing well with every interior style and always remain on-trend.

Furniture that can endure anything life throws at it

Ercol Vintage Goldsmith Chairs – Four – Light Finish

durable vintage dining chairs

Thonet No. 14 Dining Chairs By J&J Kohn, 1950s, Set Of 4

But if you prefer a bit more antique look Ercol Fleur De Lis chair might be a better choice.

Ercol Fluer De Lis Dining Chairs Set Of 4

Vintage coffee tables fit for a modern-day home

While the global obsession over vintage references thrives, cramped living dictates the scale of the furniture we can experiment with. Luckily, great examples from the 50s, the 60s and the 70s usually fit into the picture.

The lack of space motivates us to think practical and choose furniture with multiple uses. These days, our coffee tables become our work desks or sometimes even our dining tables. Heavily used multifunctional furniture needs to be sturdy and well-structured, but also fascinatingly interesting as it receives so much more attention. Vintage coffee tables surely tick all of these boxes.

durable vintage coffee tables

Solid Teak Coffee Table, 1970s

Chinese Mid Century Daybed Or Coffee Table

Storage that always works

Small space living requires smart storage planning. Built-ins are a must, but they sometimes lack character or appear too modern. To add a creative edge and show your individual voice, use vintage storage as a hero piece for the room.

With a touch of paint, vintage sideboards and cabinets can be used to spread colours throughout the room and offer a nod to eclecticism.

Antique distressed storage looks ever so beautiful in both shabby chic and boho rooms, but also in wabi-sabi inspired modern spaces.

durable vintage furniture

Vintage French Handpainted Maiden Cabinet

durable vintage sideboard

Painted Dark /Navy Blue Vintage Wooden Sideboard By Strongbow

durable vintage cabinet

Vintage Cabinet, Black Storage Unit

Stylish vintage armchairs worth investing in

A mix of style, skilled craftsmanship and artistic vision, these famous vintage armchairs will look exceptionally good in any modern-day home.

The superior quality of their build is unquestionable, but the best thing about these chairs is the fact, while some of them don’t sell for cheap, they don’t lose value over time.

Furniture that can endure anything life throws at it

Pierre Jeanneret Office Chair Chandigarh, India: Model Pj Si 28 A, 1950s

Furniture that can endure anything life throws at it

Cassina Le Corbusier Lc 4 Designer Leather Lounger Black Real Leather Armchair Function #7920

Collectible design is growing rapidly. Tell us your favourites in the comments below!

Furniture that can endure anything life throws at it

H. Lis Mid Century Armchair In Yellow From 1970’S, 1 Of 10

Furniture that can endure anything life throws at it

Antique Oak And Elm Child’s Windsor Chair

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