How Being On-Trend Might Just Be Out of Vogue?

How Being On-Trend Might Just Be Out of Vogue?

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Let’s assume you’ve read some interior design tips a couple of years ago, and figured out that an open floor concept is all the rage, so you’ve torn down the wall dividing your kitchen and living room. And when there, you’ve installed brand new trendy copper pendant light fixtures and displayed some cool quote artwork. Newsflash: everything indicates that open floor plans are outdated, quote artwork a cliché and copper so yesterday. What are you going to do, build that wall all over again? No, you will stick with what you love. If what you love is vintage design, then this is your lucky year. In fact, every year is your lucky year, since no fad can come even close to this timeless style.

Trends Are Subjective

Image source: Dwell

Although interior design trends often emerge as a result of current happenings on a global level (e.g. organic furniture – global tendency towards eco-friendly production), they are sometimes the result of someone somewhere saying that one thing is “in” and the other “out”, with all due respect to professional designers and other industry experts. They might have their reasons for putting some fabric on the pedestal while banishing another, but they have never been in your house and thus do not know how something looks like in that space.

Timeless Is Better than Timely

Photography: Erica Gannet, via Design Sponge

Some trends are simply not here to stay, and if you redecorate your entire home to be in accordance with them, you will waste a lot of money and time on something that will bore you and the rest of the world the following year. And then, there are others that resist the years, decades and centuries, continuing to fascinate us and finding new ways to compete with all the fads. Vintage, is of course, one of them. This design style is all about embracing diversity and history, collecting things such as antiques and flea market finds. It can be interpreted differently by different persons.

Your Home Is Your Reflection

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It’s not only that designers are subjective, you are too, the only difference being that it is your home we’re talking about. Your home should reflect your personality, and it is a rather consistent thing that doesn’t change every season. Blindly following trends will only make you lose yourself in the process. If your home is really dated, try to refresh it while keeping some things that say who you are.

Still, Trendy Shouldn’t Be a Boogieman

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Trends are not always bad, and most of the time, professionals from the industry really know what they’re talking about. You shouldn’t reject something only because it’s a trend, especially if it makes sense in a space. For example, blurred lines between the indoor and outdoor space are one of the hottest trends at this moment, but outdoor style furniture offers functionality and aesthetics within a home and glorifies nature as a timeless inspiration.

A Subtle Way to Keep Up with New Tendencies

Image source: The Glitter Guide

If you have chosen a timeless interior design for your home, it has probably been aging gracefully, requiring no refreshments whatsoever. Still, any design style, no matter how perfect it may be, would benefit from occasional updates, just to shake things up a bit. When you want to add trendy pieces to your home, stick to the more affordable items, such as throws, cushions, vases, and other accessories. The best thing about vintage style is that it embraces travel as a main motif, so it accepts a lot of different items and builds an eclectic, yet harmonious space with them.

Investing in furnishing and overall design is no small undertaking. It is, therefore, wiser to dress up your home in evergreen pieces, because trends will come and go, and style will stay forever. Old doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, aren’t we looking at old Hollywood beauty with nostalgia today and always hoping for beautiful past days to return?



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