Get The Look: Hallways & Tight Corners

Get The Look: Hallways & Tight Corners

Many urban dwellers in big cities must contend with long hallways and tight corners. Often, these spots are the last to get decorated as they’re daunting in size. However, there are various ways to transform these spaces by playing with scale and perspectives.


Dramatic  mirror + bench + rug + plant = hallway formula


A large statement mirror reflects light into a tight corner and balanced with a low bench, makes for a very contemporary look. Add in a vintage rug with green plants and it’s a winning formula for any hallway or entrance hall.

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Antique sideboards fit neatly into smaller apartments

The best part about antique furniture is that it’s beautifully sized for smaller apartments in the city. Elegant sideboards fit neatly into tight corners and look incredibly chic in modern settings. A complimentary gilded mirror styled with pops of artwork and casual straw baskets below, creates a homely feel.

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Bar carts and small trolleys create moveable storage too

Bar carts and moveable trolleys are an excellent storage idea in tight corners. Easily moveable, they can create distinct areas and are often streamline enough to sit within smaller hallways. Best of all – they can often collapse and be put away when not needed.

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