Fill your Home with Character: Golden Pineapples!

Fill your Home with Character: Golden Pineapples!

The general assumption is that we are humans of the digital era. Little beknownst to many, we actually find ourselves in the age of the Golden Pineapple. You may already be familiar with the tidal wave of golden pineapples which flooded into our homes and lives over recent years. Theories vary as to why this spiky tropical fruit suddenly found itself at the core of our affections, with many tributing it to the vast cost of living faced by the younger generation and the subsequent financial ease with which this playful fruit introduces character and individuality to our rented homes. You might not be able to buy your own place before 38, but you can indeed fill it with golden pineapples to your heart’s content. Train fares soaring through the roof? Catch a glimmer of that tropical trip you’d like to take in the patina of a brass pineapple instead. All jokes aside, here is a selection of some flamboyant pineapple finds we just couldn’t keep to ourselves.

5. This is a pineapple chandelier with a tropical twist! It has a touch more wit than its more traditional cousin, the crystal chandelier. This would probably hurt just as much as a real pineapple if it dropped on your head though so ensure it’s fastened correctly.

4. This pineapple ice bucket is an excellent addition to that mid century drinks trolley you just acquired. Your friends will be very impressed when they discover that this golden pineapple is also full of ice.

3. Add a flamboyant touch of metallic gleam to your table with this handmade brass pineapple candle holder, dwelling in its leafy surround. Note the base of the design and rest assured that this is still firmly part of the golden pineapple dynasty.

2. ‘Less is more,’ said no fan ever of the Golden Pineapple. This pineapple brass side table is definitely one for those who like a bit of extra in their lives. Live like Cleopatra, without the asps.

  1. This impressive Maison Jansen pineapple lamp from the 1970s is the perfect solution to gild that vacant space at home. It is brimming with pineapple sass and will reign superior over all over lamps in the vicinity. (Just don’t trip over it whilst going to get a glass of water in the night.)


Title image: grahamandgreen.com

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