Fill your Home with Art: Quirky Sculptures

Fill your Home with Art: Quirky Sculptures

Our homes should reflect the limit of our imaginations and sometimes you just see something which in isolation seems a bit bonkers – but in the right setting fits just like a glove and adds touches of real character. These sculptures are as varied as they are imaginative and definitely belong in homes abounding in character! The Vinterior treasure trove has an enormous variety of sculptural art but below are just a few of our favourites…

  1. Animals have recently been cropping up in nooks of our homes in many shapes and forms! From lamps to fabric prints, ring holders to umbrella stands, fauna of the great outdoors has clearly been providing a dose of kooky interior inspiration. This vintage Italian ceramic cheetah sculpture is one such piece! We think he would grace the corner of a maximalist home interior beautifully with his sassy polkadot motif.

2. This 1990s playful glass cactus sculpture is by glass designer Gunnel Sahlin of Sweden’s leading glasswork’s Kosta Boda. Its teal green glass picks up on many complementary colours you may have going on at home (if you’re a lover of colour!). This sea green cactus would look stunning against a pink backdrop or next to a dreamy mustard yellow chair. Equally… use it to add a playful touch of wit to an elegant mid century sideboard!

3. Here is another inquisitive fellow to add a vibrant dash of raspberry pink to your home. Birds have a somewhat magical quality, especially when they come with shimmering golden wings like this Murano glass cockatoo! This stunning work of Murano art glass is by Formia and was one of eight birds in the ‘Hamilton Collection Exotic Birds of the World.’ Many Murano glassworks have produced bird sculptures. However, the quality, craftsmanship, materials and detail of the Formia sculptures are hard to replicate. This particular piece is no exception with its superbly sentient expression, curious personality and elegant pose.

4. This curious ‘Sound Sculpture’ is hung with delicate chimes to send ripples of gentle melody throughout your home. We think its rather beautiful in its own right as a sculpture with its simple bending form and elegant brass patina. The half moon form suspended in air again lends it an enchanting quality.

Agustina Bottoni Melodicware — Sound Sculpture

5. The golden pineapple has become a bit of a household name over recent times. Its quirky presence brings an exotic touch of foreign lands alongside a glimmer of luxury in its brassy patina… not without a undertone of ironic humour of course. Brilliantly out of place and yet very at home in our polite English homes! This particular vintage model heralds from the 1970s.

6. Greyhounds are known for their intelligent nature and bounding energy. This mid century sculpture of a greyhound is no exception, with his elegant face poised inquisitively as he gazes off into the distance. A couple of these guarding the front door definitely adds some instant quirk.

Italian Mid Century Modern Terra Cotta Greyhound

7. This Art Deco bronze sculpture of a dancer caught our eye because of her brilliant pose. The artist has wonderfully captured a very real human figure with an audacious sense of posture and movement… nowhere in sight is the traditional elegance of a willowy dancer. This figure evokes strength and tremendous character as she boldly prances into action, with arms wide open and a direct gaze.

Image credit: messagenote.com

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