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Vintage dining tables designed for compact living

In the increasingly dense urban environments, our living spaces continue to shrink. Pressured to downsize, we find ourselves compromising on the functionalities and comfort of our homes. Nowadays, few of us enjoy the luxury of having a separate dining room, and what’s even worse is the fact that, in newly built households, the dining space turns out to be one of the first to get sacrificed. But the good news is that no matter how limited your space may be, with some thought it’s always possible to make room for a functional dining table and a couple of chairs. 

Having somewhere to sit down and enjoy a meal is crucial to our health, and we strongly believe no one should settle for anything less. So if you are struggling to fit the dining area into a small apartment, read on to learn how to choose a perfect dining table to make the most of your compact living space.

Vintage dining tables that are built to last

When dealing with a cramped layout, always think practical. To make a limited space work for you, create multipurpose areas and fill them with smart, multifunctional solutions. Choose a vintage dining table that can easily be transformed into a work desk, a kitchen island or a console. 

A key to creating highly-functional small space environments is to always double-check on the scale of your furniture. The goal here is not to settle for the tiniest you can find, but rather the largest you can get without interrupting the flow of the room.

Be extra cautious when it comes to the quality of your workhorse furniture. Multipurpose vintage dining tables need to be sturdy enough to handle excessive use over prolonged periods of time while at the same time bringing joy to the eye forced to travel back and forth in the limited space. 

Vintage dining tables designed for compact living extending round bentwood chairs

Image source: sfgirlbybay

round dining table vintage antique

Dining Table

drop leaf ercol vintage dining table

Vintage 60’S Ercol Windsor Blonde Dining Table. Danish Retro

drop leaf g plan vintage dining table

Vintage Drop Leaf Teak Dining Table By Bendt Winge For Kleppes Møbelfabrikk

round chrome tubular dining table vintage postmodern

Glass & Tubular Steel Dining Table By Giotto Stoppino, 1960s

Vintage drop leaf table – a smart choice for those who like to entertain

A vintage drop leaf table is one of the classics that’s been around for generations and yet continues to be relevant in modern households.

The secret to the global success of vintage drop leaf tables lies in their incredible flexibility. When not in use, these tables take up minimum space and can fit even the tiniest of nooks. 

But what makes them especially handy is their ability to, on-demand, expand to the size that can accommodate a large gathering. This makes them a perfect fit for anyone dealing with the compact living who refuses to give up throwing dinner parties at home.

Vintage drop leaf tables are not only functional, but they also look beautiful. Whether you are an antique aficionado who appreciates traditional British design, or you prefer the streamlined mid-century modern aesthetic, there is a perfect table waiting for you at Vinterior.

bentwood chairs antique weather dining table

Image source: Apartment Therapy

eclectic vintage dining furniture

Substantial Victorian Pine Drop Leaf Table In Mousse Grey With Turned Legs And Cutlery Drawer

vintage dining furniture post modern

Hungarian Lingel Style Drop Leaf Dining Table With Chairs, Circa 1960s

round drop leaf folding vintage mid century table

Mid Century Vintage Teak Drop Leaf Dining Table

Round vintage table to work every inch of the space

Even though a rectangular table typically takes up less room than a round table, this doesn’t mean it will always be a better choice for a small space living. Square rooms and areas thrive with a round table as it works their proportions beautifully, while at the same time providing maximum seating. 

One of the biggest advantages of round vintage tables is their visual lightness. With no sharp corners, they appear small and intimate. Promoting deep conversations and eye contact, a round vintage table contributes to the overall cosiness of the room.

The extra benefit comes from the fact that no matter how few chairs sit around the table there is no sense of empty seats. But when the guests arrive you can easily pull up an extra chair or two and invite them to join you for a meal.

And if you prefer fixed minimalist solutions, you can always opt for the ultra-compact vintage dining set like the one you can see below.

Dining tables designed for compact living | Vinterior

Image source: The Glitter Guide

Dining tables designed for compact living | Vinterior

Original Frem Rojle Hans Olsen Danish Teak Dining Table & 4 Chairs

round vintage dining table

Mid Century American Pedestal Table By George Nelson For Herman Miller, 1960s

Dining tables designed for compact living | Vinterior

A Fabulous Antique Pine Round Farmhouse Table

Dining tables designed for compact living | Vinterior

Round Vintage Danish Walnut Dining Table, 1960s

G Plan table – small on space, huge on comfort

G Plan is a perfect choice for those who value a sophisticated, Scandi-inspired aesthetic but don’t feel particularly excited to adopt the iconic Scandinavian furniture designs that keep popping up all over Pinterest and Instagram.

Famous for their high-quality modernist furniture, G Plan captures the essence of a progressive spirit of the post-war era, without ever coming off as mainstream. Those who value comfort and authentic domestic design will appreciate the premium quality of G Plan dining tables

What makes G-Plan furniture even more interesting today is the fact that the company used to promote a slow approach to home crafting – something that’s becoming increasingly important to modern home crafters.

Once seen as lesser variants to Scandinavian Modern, G-Plan furniture is gradually gaining the respect it well deserved and becoming collectable. So if you are on a hunt for great quality at a fair price, be quick to check the G-Plan dining tables below.

Dining tables designed for compact living | Vinterior

Image source: House and Garden

Dining tables designed for compact living | Vinterior

Vintage Mid Century 1960s G Plan Dining Table

Dining tables designed for compact living | Vinterior

Mid Century G Plan Teak Circular Dining Table With Four Kofod Larsen Chairs Retro Black Vinyl Original Furniture Fresco Set Immaculate

Dining tables designed for compact living | Vinterior

Upcycled G Plan E Gomme Circular Dining Table With Yellow Hairpin Legs

Quality vintage dining tables on a dime

While the size of our homes continues to decrease, the number of renters in the city landscape escalates. And when staying put for an extended period of time becomes a luxury, it’s only reasonable that the renters’ budgets are as limited as their living spaces. No one in their right mind wants to invest heavily in a temporary solution, but the good news is that no one has to. 

Nowadays, great small scale furniture can be bought for a song and this is particularly true for vintage dining tables and chairs. Vintage wood is always a much better choice than any product you can score on the high street – in terms of quality, sturdiness, sustainability and the price.

And don’t get us started on design!

eclectic vintage dining furniture table chairs

Image credit: Northern sisters

Dining tables designed for compact living | Vinterior

Antique, Edwardian, Small, D End, Walnut, Extending, Dining Table, Cabriole Legs Table

Dining tables designed for compact living | Vinterior

Antique Table, French, Rustic, Scrub Top Table, Small Kitchen Table

Dining tables designed for compact living | Vinterior

Rustic Rectangle Solid Pine Table Farmhouse Country Kitchen Dining Shabby Chic

Feature image: Blogaibagis

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