How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style

How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style

If functionality, simplicity and cosiness are what you are looking for in a home, you are probably already familiar with Scandinavian interior design. The biggest interior craze of the recent years, the Scandinavian style can be spotted everywhere, from residential to commercial spaces.

But let’s make it clear – we are not talking interior trends here; we are talking history and the future of how we choose to live in our homes. With their simple, democratic and, above all, practical interiors full of natural materials and organic shapes, Nordics focus on what is truly important to them – home and the people they love. Good design equals happiness, and if it is true what they say – that family is the new revolution, this design movement can hardly be a thing of the moment.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper and learn about the rich history of the Modern Scandinavian style and find out about its key features.

How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style - Vinterior

Image source: Pella Hedeby

How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style - Vinterior

Fania Metal Chair £185.00

History of the Modern Scandinavian Style

Scandinavians were always known for their great sense of style and appreciation for home decoration, but it wasn’t until WWII when the rest of the world started embracing their vision of a home. New democratic social ideas and the overall rejection of traditional views that bigger is better and that only the rich can have beautiful homes, brought simple Scandinavian designs into the spotlight.

Some of the most well-known designer furniture of all time is the work of Scandinavian mid-century modern designers. Back in the 50s, design fathers of the iconic Scandinavian furniture Alvar Aalto, Hans Wegner, Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton (to name a few) made waves on the international design scene, and the world can’t get enough of their work ever since.

How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style - Vinterior

Image source: My Domaine

How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style - Vinterior

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Even if you didn’t know their historical value, you’re certainly familiar with the Aalto stool, Wishbone chair, Panton chairs or Panthella lamp as they are often found in modern Scandinavian homes. With their sleek lines and seductive minimalism, assuming recent origin of these pieces comes naturally. But no matter how fresh and modern they may seem, Jacobsen’s Egg chair and Swan chair are celebrating their 60th birthday this year and promise many more to come!

How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style - Vinterior

Image source: Stylizmo Blog

How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style - Vinterior

Leather Egg Chair And Ottoman By Arne Jcobsen For Fritz Hansen £7,750.00

How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style - Vinterior

Vintage Design Floor Lamp Panthella By Verner Panton For Louis Poulsen, 1970s £850.00

Many of these iconic furniture designs are still being produced, but if you prefer a true classic, you can easily get your hands on a quality vintage piece here at Vinterior.

How to Spot the Style

The most recognisable features of Scandinavian interiors are clean lines, neutral colour schemes, functional furniture and clever decorating touches.

The Scandinavian style is a modernist style with a twist, made to fit the landscape of its origin – Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland. Harsh winters with very limited daylight influenced the desire for cosy yet bright interior spaces. For Nordics, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere full of natural light is an absolute imperative. This often means leaving the windows bare of any coverings or keeping them extremely limited. To maximise on the effect, the walls are painted white, wooden floors are free of heavy carpeting, while the overall minimalist flair allows the eye to travel across the room. It is quality over quantity with no clutter of any kind.

How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style - Vinterior

Image source: My Scandinavian Home

How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style - Vinterior

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Regardless of their minimalist nature and lots of whites, greys and browns they feature, Scandinavian interiors are never stark. On the contrary, they tend to be some of the cosiest spaces out there. The calming look of soft hues and coolness of bare windows and floors is warmed up with heavy use of wool, sheepskins, soft cotton and mohair throws. These touchy textiles are as practical as they are beautiful and can instantly make any space feel more intimate, while also providing another layer of visual interest to the room. But they can also be used for curling up in a cosy corner once the temperatures drop.

Similar to mid-century modern, form follows function in Scandinavian interiors. This is true for both furniture and interior architecture. Open-plan living is highly favoured and centred around the dining area as the heart of the home. Connection with nature is key which makes these interiors so easy to relate to. The furniture features fine craftsmanship and natural materials that appeal on a fundamentally human level, and this is probably the main reason for its enduring popularity.

How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style - Vinterior

Image source: Stadshem

How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style - Vinterior

Aalto Alvar Stools Made By Artek, 1950s, Set Of 2 £900.00

The neutral Scandinavian setting provides a perfect backdrop for natural wood, fluid, organic shapes, metallic finishes and lots of texture to captivate. Adding some greenery, fresh flowers or at least branches into the mix is a necessity, but so are the cushions, candles and soft lighting.

How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style - Vinterior

Image source: Stylizmo Blog

How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style - Vinterior

Hans Wegner Ch24 Wishbone Chairs, 6 Available £495.00

Get the Look

To bring the Scandi look back home you will want to look for some vintage classics. Collect slowly and pick only the pieces you will want to keep as this furniture will stand by you for a lifetime.

Keep it simple and don’t be afraid to match sleek modern pieces with some rustic elements. Scandinavian furniture goes with everything!

For a Scandinavian dining room think Tulip dining table and Wishbone chairs, and use a Ph5 lamp to illuminate the area.

How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style - Vinterior

Maurice Burke For Arkana Small Tulip Dining Table £344.00

How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style - Vinterior

Ph5 Lamp By Poul Henningsen For Louis Poulsen 90’S £380.00

How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style - Vinterior

Hans J. Wegner: Coffee Table Of Solid Beech £685.30


Set Of Four Ch23 Chairs Published By Carl Hanson And Son, 1950’S £2,464.00

Get comfortable and create cosy nooks in the living room. Use soft natural fibres to keep you warm and keep the accessories and artwork minimal.


Two 1970s Lily Chairs In Leather By Arne Jacobsen £4,400.00


Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair Black Leather For Fritz Hansen 2002 Danish £2,995.00


Ge 240 Cigar Chair By Hans Wegner £2,800.00


Pair Of Early Original Bachelor Chairs By Verner Panton For Fritz Hansen £2,250.00

Make sure to think through your storage solutions as you will want to keep the clutter away at all times.


1960s Restored Teak Sideboard £965.00


Pair Mid Century Vintage Teak Swedish Bedside Table Chest Of Drawers Mag Rack £595.00


Coffee Table From Cfc Silkeborg, 1950s £1,289.00

Whenever in doubt, choose simple and sturdy. And don’t forget – functionality and timelessness are at the heart of the Scandinavian style.


Alvar Aalto Model 44 Armchairs Artek, Finland, 1975 £1,800.00

large_minerva-sofa-set-by-peter-hvidt-orla-molgaard-nilssen-for-france-sonMinerva Sofa Set By Peter Hvidt & Orla Mølgaard Nilssen For France & Søn £4,741.00

Title image: myscandinavianhome.com

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