In with the old; characterful finds for the new year

In with the old; characterful finds for the new year

It goes without saying that finding unique vintage items that we love is a feeling like no other, but it is an even greater feeling being able to find your new favourite pieces at wonderfully affordable prices. We’ve compiled a few of our favourite finds from our January sale and hope to inspire you to find something uniquely you amongst them.

Japanese Coloured Woodblock Prints

It’s very easy to underestimate just how much of a crucial role wall art can play in developing the character of a space. The striking artform of Japanese woodblock prints have long been revered for their painstakingly intricate process and delicate but expressive works. Upon first look their lightly washed colours appease the immediate senses, but a deeper inspection leaves you to marvel at the meticulous artform.

Italian Lounge Chairs Restored With Royal Blue Velvet, 1950s

A great opportunity to experiment with the newly introduced pantone colour of the year, these luxe royal blue velvet lounge chairs will breathe a decadent and timeless energy into any surroundings. 

Vintage french overmantle mirror

With mirrors being a fantastic means of creating the illusion of more space and brightness in the room, you can’t go wrong with adding an ornately embellished one to your interior space, in particular this beautifully aged overmantle French piece.

Original 1950’S Mid Century Vintage Gym / School Bench And Hooks

This 1950s gym bench and hooks has the added benefit of being extremely nostalgia-inducing whilst being completely practical. A charming solution for an entranceway to pick up and drop of bags and shoes at the start and end of a day.

Unique Vintage Table Lamps

As if allusions to the roaring twenties weren’t already rife, we do find ourselves falling in love all over again with the exuberant and decadent era. Casting an alluring warm glow upon its deep olive tones, these artfully sculpted table lamps leave an enchanting glimmer of the bygone time.

50s Ceramic Fish Mouth Small Balled Vase

Striking in its simplicity, this small but mighty vase carries a delicate charm with soft earthy tones on the exterior and a vibrant yellow interior.

Industrial Copper Table Lamp

This copper table lamp is effortlessly sleek in design and adaptable to any space. The contrast between copper and stone in industrial pieces creates a cool and minimalist aesthetic that is always on trend. 

String Shelf Teak Wall System With Drawers And Magazine Storage

A neat and practical storage solution to meet a multitude of needs.

Bosch Flip Table Alarm Clock

Flip alarm clocks have never really left our public consciousness as a streamlined design and functionality, such as this enduring classic from technology pioneers Bosch.

1950s Ruscha Ceramic Vase

Elaborately hand-painted, this ceramic Ruscha vase uses striking contrasting and bold colours which makes for an arresting and unique centrepiece to accompany just as vibrant foliage.

Each of these pieces brings with them a unique history of their own. Many more wonders await in our January sale, a virtual treasure trove of eclectic pieces imbued with character, and you may just come across a new character to add to your story.

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