Five vintage alternatives to boring hallway furniture

Five vintage alternatives to boring hallway furniture

Hallways can be awkward spaces! Unless you’re blessed with an lovely wide entrance way – and let’s face it, most of us aren’t – we’re often limited when it comes to sourcing practical and appealing furniture to fit a narrow area. Hallway furniture can also be really dull. Your entrance way is the first space you encounter when you get home and marks the passage from the outside world into your cosy retreat. It should be a pleasant space to greet you and anyone who stops by. We’ve had a look through the annals of Vinterior to find some really creative – and stylish! – vintage solutions.

Number one is the… telephone seat! Definitely a wander down memory lane for our grandparents, who may be familiar with the sight of this nifty 1950s design. The name itself speaks of eras long gone, not many have a landline telephone these days! However….providing both a place to store all the paraphernalia we reach for on running out of the house – keys, dog leads, you name it – and a little seat for taking on and off your shoes, this is a brilliant vintage design which we would love to see in more homes. Plus you can have fun styling it with a houseplant or two!

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Alternative number two is… vintage cinema seats! We have a seen a huge rise in the popularity of this fantastic seating solution. Cinema, or theatre, seats are a fabulous way to add something totally unique to your home. Not only are they really original, these seats also fold back up which makes them just perfect for awkward narrow spaces. Find them in rows of three to six, upholstered in gorgeous velvet or even in sleek wood. Many can be re-upholstered in a fabric of your choice, just ask the vintage dealer. We have a brilliant set of velvet ruby red 1930s cinema seats in the Vinterior office and they’re the first ones to get snapped up in meetings!

cinema seats vintage velvet hallway furniture
Antique 1930s Cast Iron And Velvet Theatre Seats

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Likewise with cinema seats, benches are a great way to provide some useful seating in the hallway. Style a blank space with plants and accessories, or if you’re shooing a small herd out of the house, get everyone to put their shoes on here. Many vintage and antique wooden benches are quite narrow, making them great space savers for entrance ways. This one below can even store shoes underneath! Benches come in all styles and sizes… from tradition chapel benches to rustic industrial models.

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There are some fairly boring coat racks out there …although with some great hooks or a sculptural stand, they can easily be transformed into interesting pieces to showcase in your hallway. This Czech design even comes with a mirror, handy for any last minute adjustments as you leave home for the day! William Morris expressed the thought that we shouldn’t have anything in our homes which we don’t believe to be beautiful or useful. We think it’s worth finding an item which brings both qualities together!

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Console tables are a classic design solution for hall ways and again make for a great way to decorate the space with characterful accessories and plants. Many come with added storage which is a bonus, or if you prefer a minimalist look opt for something elegant like this Maison Jansen creation. Sometimes having a smaller surface area actually helps to declutter – there’s just not enough room to pile up the multitude of things that can gather on wider tables, like post and newspapers. Choose one that serves you best (and your will when it comes to organisation!).

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Gain some inspiration from these brilliant examples of vintage furniture used in entrance ways!

A brilliant example of hallway cinema seats found on design-seeker.blogspot.com
We love this industrial coat stand seen on getinmyhome.com
A gorgeous antique bench from blog findingsilverpennies.com
A beautifully styled telephone seat with some sprigs of craspedia from mustardvintage.com
An Ercol bench is another great design for saving space with its elegant spindles. Seen on thefoxandshe.com

Title image credit: bhg.com


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