Colour crush: Our hand-picked selection of green vintage gems

Colour crush: Our hand-picked selection of green vintage gems

‘To look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment,’ said Jane Austen. Plenty of exposure to this verdure – simply meaning green – has been proving its beneficial qualities to us since time immemorial. Known for its ability to both soothe and invigorate, green is a colour associated with life, vitality, calm and hope. Green can make for an unusual colour in the modern home, despite its celebrated status throughout history (the Ancient Egyptians were fans). Companies like Little Greene and Farrow & Ball are doing much to boost the confidence of green lovers when it comes to decor – Breakfast Room Green by F&B is to die for – but we think furniture is another fabulous way to introduce this exalted colour into the home.

Image: luxdeco.com

Below is a selection of some particularly gorgeous green vintage finds! From glass lobster plates to sleek curving dining chairs, these beauties will make your more neutral accessories go green with envy…

Find all of the products above, from left to right…

Click here to see the entire green collection on Vinterior

Image: design-seeds.com

Title image credit: thisisglamourous.com

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