Clerkenwell Design Week: Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends 2018

Clerkenwell Design Week: Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends 2018

Today Vinterior went over the road to the Clerkenwell Design Week to attend an inspiring lecture on trend forecasting, from interiors trend guru Gudy Herder from Eclectic Trends.

Gudy spoke about the macro trends impacting society at current, and explained how these filter down into micro trends for the world of interiors.

Macro Trend 1: Empowerment

The first macro trend is all about the ‘self’ – empowering oneself to make decisions and having unapologetic confidence. There is new expectations around true personalisation of experience and product – whether holiday, clothing or interiors. This is the ‘me’ movement.

How this reflects in interior design: Bold Fairy Tale

For the empowered individual they want bold and confident colours – think gem tones. Combine this with dark and moody greens, violets, magentas as well as colour graduation and shading. For materials it is all about luxury, so velvet is prominent. Mixing this with rich golds and coloured glass. The prominent shape for this trend (and others) is the circle – as this reflects new beginnings, femininity and hope. Most of all Bold Fairy Tale is about being unapologetically brash with design and having confidence in your choice. It’s also about celebrating glamour and having being proud in what you like and mixing it all together – whether it be colours, fabrics or materials.



Example of Bold Fairy Tale: India Mahdavi x Chez Nina

Image uploaded from iOS (10).jpg

Bold Fairy Tale Colour Palate

Get the Bold Fairy Tale Look with Vinterior

british-mustard-gold-velvet-club-armchair-1960s.jpg santorus-cushion-madame-de-la-soir-7046ba0a-988b-4387-95b4-c0b47f10652f.jpg

Mustard Gold Velvet Club Armchair  | Santorus Cushion – Madame De La Soir

brass-peacock-side-or-coffee-table.jpg purple-vintage-turkish-over-dyed-rug (1)

Brass Peacock Coffee Table | Vintage Turkish Purple Overdyed Rug 

rare-brass-ceiling-candle-lamp-hans-agne-jakobsson-sweden1.jpg vintage-design-velvet-lounge-sofa-velvet-sofa-togo-ligne-roset-michel-ducaroy.jpg

Brass Ceiling Candle Lamp – Hans Agne Jakobsson | Vintage Velvet Sofa

italian-armchairs-restored-with-light-purple-or-violet-velvet-1950s.jpg 392a35e8-b929-462a-a767-a153738a0b67.jpg

1960s Italian Velvet Armchairs | 1960s Brass Floor Lamp By Tommaso Barbi

Macro Trend 2: Co-Decade

Co-working, co-owning, co-living. Our second macro trend shows how society is moving towards the ‘co-decade’. We no longer trust big corporates and look to the voice of influential individuals that lead communities – for example interiors bloggers. Brands need to be more transparent – customers want to hear the story behind the products and who made them. People also feel they can break out of their ‘box’ and have different identities – black and white for example. This movement is pro rebellion and anti categorisation.

How this reflects in interior design: Refined Raw

This is all about duality, and juxtaposition of colours, shapes, textures and design. We are living in a movement of speaking up and being rebellious – so design is reflecting that. Rules are being broken, and unusual pairings are being made in colours, textures and materials. Those who followed the simple living trend have returned to consume, finding meaning in the honesty of raw materials with a refined flare. Since we are saying no to consumption and consumerisation – refined materials are mixed with raw tactile materials such as concrete, marble, stone, wood, metals – all with their imperfections worn proudly. Colours coming through are earthy natural tones with terracottas, chocolates, peach and pink tones taking the centre.


Example of Refined Raw: Margot Molyneux

Image uploaded from iOS (11).jpg

Refined Raw Colour Palate

Get the Refined Raw look with Vinterior

pair-guglielmo-ulrich-arm-chairs-newly-upholstered-in-peach-suede-boucle-italy-1950s.jpg insurgent-grey-peach-rug2.jpg

Italian Guglielmo Ulrich Armchairs in Peach Suede 1950s |  Grey & Peach Pattern Rug

coffee-table-or-side-table-with-onyx-marble-top.jpg set-of-3-grey-concrete-bell-pendant-ceiling-lamps-cae60ccf-12c1-4a83-a3ca-22544b54d042

1950s Italian Pink Marble Coffee Table | 3 Industrial Bell Pendant in Concrete

two-hand-painted-abstract-ceramic-plates-by-alan-beitner-signed.jpg brutalist-concrete-table (1).jpg

Two Hand Painted Abstract Ceramic Plates By Alan Beitner | Brutalist Concrete Table With Neon Light

large-brass-and-agate-decorative-tree.jpg terrazzo-side-table-white-legs.jpg

Brass & Agate Decorate Tree | Terrazzo Side Table With White Legs

Macro Trend 3: Conscious Living

The third and final trend is about the movement towards sustainability, veganism, wellness, mindfulness, conscious buying and thinking. It’s being more ingrained in our ideas, our habits and how we live our lives. There is less actual touch of products, and we are forgetting the emotion created by tactility. We are also far more aware of the story behind products and brands we buy in to – put simply, we care more.

How this reflects in design: Balancing Act

Sustainability in design is nothing new – but the change here is it is about making sustainable design attractive and stylish, which it wasn’t necessarily previously. We are also moving from purchasing flat packs and consumerisation to moving to vintage or upcycled furniture and investing in quality for longer lasting pieces. From creative ways to use waste or using materials in different ways (e.g 3D printing of seaweed as an alternative to plastic), to vegan design (with alternative glues and leather substitutes) – we are changing our manufacturing processes to cater for these conscious buyers. Products need to be multi functional for small spaces, portable or have textiles which are sustainable. Vintage is a must, and we are celebrating the reupholstered, repurposed and recondition. Colours for this palette are calm, soft, elegant and point to the sophistication and consciousness of the individual – so we are seeing minty greens, soft pinks and blues.



Example of Balancing Act: Jotun
Image uploaded from iOS (12).jpg
Balancing Act Colour Palate


Get the Balancing Act look with Vinterior

circular-wooden-tray-with-handpainted-geometric-design-by-artist.jpg fab-retro-mid-century-coffee-table-upcycled-using-vintage-french-road-map-and-farrow-ball-paint.jpg

Tray With Hand Painted Geometric Design | Upcycled Table with French Road Map

upcycled-clear-bottle-lamps.jpg set-of-3-wicker-baskets-from-house-doctor.jpg

Upcycled Glass Bottle Lamps | Three Wicker Baskets

vintage-cabinet-113-752e66bd-fff7-4f14-b3c0-c40e893f471e.jpg hand-made-yuki-vase-by-studio-arhoj-copenhagen.jpg

Vintage Cabinet with Worn Paint | Hand Made Yuki Vase By Studio Arhoj Copenhagen

large_pair-of-p-j-muntendam-dining-chairs.jpg mid-century-modern-fox-sofa

Pair of PJ Muntendam Dining Chairs | Mid Century Fox Sofa


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