In conversation with Danish stylist and creative consultant, Trine Kjaer

In conversation with Danish stylist and creative consultant, Trine Kjaer

We caught up with stylist and creative consultant Trine Kjaer to learn more about her house renovation, how she incorporates Scandinavian designers into her home and how to create a colourful space without it becoming overwhelming.

How do you feel your fashion style influences your interior design decor?

To me, fashion and interiors go hand in hand. Both are creative ways for me to express my personality and aesthetic. My personal style is colourful and playful and my wardrobe is full of great quality items that last a long time. I love a mixture of practical pieces and stand-out items with interesting details. I mostly wear Danish, French and Italian brands along with a lot of vintage. My interior design aesthetic is pretty much the same. I love a mixture of eclectic and classic items and I mix these together. I appreciate beautiful and delicate pieces but at the same time, I have two small kids so everything has to be kid-friendly.

How do you approach the design of a new space?

We bought a new house last winter so I’ve just done lots of decorating. I think about the main furniture pieces first, for example, the sofa in the living room, and create a colour plan around that. I really love colour and we don’t actually have any white walls in the house, instead, I opted for off-white as it’s much warmer in tone and more calming. I’ll then experiment with the paintings and accessories that complement best. Accessories add a personal touch to any space which is key.

How does the Scandinavian aesthetic influence your interiors? are there any specific Scandinavian designers (past or present) that you gravitate towards?

I love the Scandinavian aesthetic, and I really admire the great Danish architects and designers like Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjærholm and Wegner. My favourite though is Verner Panton. I’ve got a pretty big Verner Panton collection at my house. I think he’s a genius! His designs are so visionary and contemporary and unlike most other Scandinavian designers from the 20th century, he loved colour.


Do you have any advice when shopping for vintage furniture and what is your favourite vintage find?

It depends. Sometimes I search for a specific item and then create an alert on different auctions and vintage websites that notify me whenever something comes up. Otherwise, I just browse and get inspired by what I see. My favourite purchase is probably our big 19th-century French cabinet which we use for porcelain and glasses in our dining room. Every time I open it I think about its history and who else has used it. That’s what I love about vintage – all the stories that the item has been a part of.

Favourite city or places to go for inspiration?

My hometown, Copenhagen or any Italian city. I love everything Italian and especially their furniture, buildings and way of using colour.

What is on your vintage shopping list?

A mix of well-known classic and fun unknown stuff that I think adds personality to a home. Right now I’m searching for some pieces for our garden. I love aluminium garden chairs and plia chairs. I am also always on the lookout for lamps – I’ve got a thing for lamps.

What are you currently reading and do you have a favourite reading chair/spot in your home?

To be honest I’m not reading anything right now. I have 2 kids who are 1 and 4 years old so there’s not a lot of time off, but when the time comes I’ll be sitting in our beautiful puffy lounge chair by Hem and Faye Too Good.

We love your use of colour – do you have any advice for creating spaces which complement each other and feel bold without becoming overpowering or clashing?

I love colours but I think they should be used in the right way. I’m not a fan of a total circus house where everything is in crazy colours. I always ask myself what would they do in Italy? They’re experts in adding colours the right way. Like green doors to an off-white house or a pink sofa mixed with an old chair in a beautiful brown leather.

I think colours are a great way to express your personality and they make me happy. My best tip if you want to experiment with colour is to just pick 1 or 2 items per room and then keep the rest of the furniture in natural materials like wood or stones. Another fun way to add some colour to a room is by painting the ceiling. It changes a room completely and then you can keep all the furniture a bit more muted.



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