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Get crafty: vintage candidates for a re-upholstery project

It wasn’t long ago when the furniture we bought was meant to last. The sofa was considered as an investment, or better yet a dear family member we can always count on for comfort and company. We cherished our vintage furniture for decades as it took an important part in shaping the landscape of our lives. For better or for worse, we made a vow to share everything together from the happiest gatherings to heartbreaking events.

And then came the flatpack era. The disposables. In the spirit of a throw-away society, many looked into a short-term convenience and knock-off prices as the hallmarks of a good furniture deal. All of a sudden furniture turned into fashion.

But while the fast furniture industry still struggles to define what went wrong and how to improve its common practices, it seems like people have already found the cure to this consumerist disease. You’ve guessed it, it’s – vintage furniture.

Vintage finds for an upholstery project

Pair Antique Napoleon I I I Chairs For Re Upholstery Project

Giving vintage items a second life is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative these days as people are starting to realise all the benefits this choice entails. But where there are perks there are risks too and we are here today to cast some light on this hot topic.

Tag along as we share tons of expert tips and tricks on how to successfully pull off an upholstery project.

Vintage finds for re upholstery project

Antique Napoleon I I I Day Bed Chaise For Re Upholstery

Show personality with upholstery

With social media opening the doors to our homes, we were stunned by a staggering amount of sameness we discovered across the gamut. With fast furniture giants becoming more accessible to many and their favourites conquering the world, the personal expression got pushed out to the margins.

One of the easiest ways to make your home more interesting in a way that best reflects your character is by opting for vintage furniture. By reupholstering vintage or antique sofa or an armchair in the spirit of your personal liking you can elevate your home and make it feel luxurious even if the rest of your stuff is mostly based on mass-produced objects. Just a single reupholstered one-off can make a world of a difference.

Antique chair for reupholstery

Antique French Louis Xvi Style Armchair With Original Painted Finish And Needlework Upholstery

Vintage furniture is the king of sustainability

Gone are the days when the looks and the price tag were the only determinators of whether we would be willing to purchase a piece of furniture or not. More than just a fad, being kind to the planet is slowly but firmly becoming a go-to lifestyle choice for many and thus reflecting on the way we select items we bring to our homes.

Art Deco leather club chairs

Pair Of 1930s Deco Club Chairs With Worn Leather Upholstery

We discuss the production, materials, recycling potential and carbon footprint, but when it comes to sustainability – nothing beats vintage.

There is no better choice for the planet than to use something that’s already been made.

Vintage finds for an upholstery project

Antique Victorian Armchair Upholstered Tub Chair Salon Chair Blue

Best quality at a much lower price

If being cautious to the planet and giving character to the space isn’t enough to convince you to start the hunt for that special candidate for an upholstery project, perhaps this might do the trick. By opting for second hand, chances are you’ll be getting much more than you could ever hope for with the newly built. At the same price. Heck, even at the lower price.

It is a common knowledge that they don’t make furniture like they used to, so if you come across a beautiful antique piece with strong bones you can be sure it will give back much more than its novel equivalent. 

Victorian armchair

Victorian Armchair, Antique Chair, Small, Ladies, Bedroom, Tapestry, Yellow

Vintage furniture holds its value

Even though we enjoy entertaining the idea of curating a furniture collection that will follow us for the lifetime, sooner or later many of us find ourselves in the position where we simply need to say farewells to some of our beloved pieces as they can no longer follow our lifestyle changes.

When this happens, fast furniture usually ends up in landfills, but the vintage can always be sold – sometimes even for more than it was originally paid for.

Vintage finds for an upholstery project

Antique Armchair

How to select the right vintage furniture for an upholstery project

To cater to the curious and those addicted to DIY adventures, here is what you need to keep in mind before closing the deal.

Vintage finds for an upholstery project

Antique Louis Philippe Sofa For Re Upholstery

Consider silhouette first

Look into the contours of the piece, not the finish. If you love its silhouette and the bones are in solid shape, consider investing. The finish can always be tuned, but the style cannot.

Check the bones

Good bones are key. They need to be in ship shape. Sturdy and rock solid. Give the piece a shake to check if the joints and the frame won’t torque.

Play safe with cheap and classic finds

If you are looking to embark on your first reupholstery project perhaps the best advice would be to take it easy. Play safe with something super cheap and classic that won’t cause you headaches in any scenario.

Or go crazy with an investment statement piece

But if you come across an outstanding opportunity that, with proper care, could command the entire room and scream “I’m a star” (like this sofa bellow) then splurging on it might be the best way to go. 

Vintage 1930s two seater sofa with fringing

Vintage 1930s Two Seater Sofa With Fringing

To DIY or not to DIY

DIY might be in, but can also be incredibly intimidating. However, not all projects require the same level of skill. With some spare time and a bit of fabric, you are just an elbow grease away from a masterpiece. 

Be patient

Finally, you need to learn how to be patient. Not only with your search, but with the upholsterer too. The best tradesmen are often overbooked, but learning to sit still while they work their magic always pays off.

Vintage finds for an upholstery project

Original Antique Sofa Set

Feature image: House and Garden

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