Break the mould by using this exuberant colour in your home.

Break the mould by using this exuberant colour in your home.

Wondering which colour we’re talking about? It’s teal! Everywhere we turn, we can’t help but see lively notes of this sea green hue cropping up… on velvet armchairs and kitchen cabinets or paired with mustard and blush pink for a beautiful mid century feel. Teal is an exuberant colour celebrated for its inky pelagic depths. A glorious hybrid of blue and green, it emotes feelings of restfulness and calm, although holds a note of luxury and glamour against its more uniform cousins. Some people go really bold and will deck the walls in sumptuous teal wallpaper or paint, whereas others prefer to enjoy it on a statement piece of furniture or scattered across accessories.

Whether you are looking for designers from the 20th century that will add a splash of colour to your home or specific pieces, here is a selection of some of our favourite teal vintage finds in the Vinterior collection, along with tips on how you could style them in your own home.

First up is this fabulous pair of 1970s teal velvet armchairs… Not much needs to be said about these beauties other than they wouldn’t go amiss on the set of a glamorous mid century period drama like Mad Men! Teal will happily accompany many other beautiful hues you have running throughout your home. Pair with gleaming teak for an understated but opulent look or make them pop! with a bright mustard throw.

Murano glass stems from the series of Venetian islands to which Italian glass blowers were posted in 1291 to avoid their glass ovens setting fire to Venice! Centuries later, Murano glass is still among the most celebrated of glassware the world over. The spheres of these elegant Murano wall sconces glow a pale teal when illuminated and make for an impressive design statement. The teal pairs beautifully with the brassy warmth of the supports, adding a note of post modern glamour.

Murano Wall Sconces

Made in Beijing, this tallboy cabinet is influenced by traditional northern Chinese design in the Shandong Province. Its facade has a distinctively East Asian feel with eye catching round brass plates at the opening of each cupboard. The rich teal definitely makes this storage unit stand out from its duller counterparts! This cabinet would be very useful in all rooms, although we can picture it in a bathroom with other brass accents.

Tall Teal Chinese Cabinet

Perfect for anyone who likes a little more drama in their accessories, this alluring pair of Italian decanters belongs in a Verona medieval apothecary, or – perhaps more realistically! – on a mantlepiece or gracing a vintage drinks trolley. Fill them with your poison of choice and have fun pouring drinks when your friends come around for a glamorous cocktail party.

This set of unusual teal dining chairs also gets points for standing out from the herd! The details in this design are what make this unconventional seating a great choice for anyone who wants to break out of the mould. Upholstered in a marbled velour with silver studs and a textured turquoise back, these seats will add a flair of wit to either a formal or relaxed eclectic environment. We can see them pairing well with a sleek teak dining table like this one.

If you’re not already familiar with the iconic Togo sofa, let us introduce you! Dangerously comfortable and oozing with unbeatable originality, the Togo sofa was one of the wackiest, albeit brilliant, designs to have come out of the 1970s. Incredibly versatile, it slouches stylishly both in a relaxed interior and will look equally at home in a smart, minimalist space. This teal velvet Togo suite has a whopping total of fifteen individual pieces, but it’s probably possible to divide them, so if you’re having a coup de foudre moment here’s where to find them.

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