These vintage finds will transform your child’s bedroom into a realm of imagination.

These vintage finds will transform your child’s bedroom into a realm of imagination.

Designing a bedroom for children is enormous fun. There is no limit to the imagination when it comes to the theme… step out of your comfort zone and embrace a palette of more whimsical colours, or create a dreamscape full of inspiring accessories. From balloon lamps – think Mary Poppins! – to stylish Scandinavian toys, we think that these vintage designs will transform a child’s living area into a world of imagination. Or even in an adult living space, don’t let us hold you back!

Eames Plywood Elephant Toy

This now famous elephant toy design was created by the highly celebrated Eames couple in 1945, but it never went into production! Luckily it was manufactured later on as a contemporary design in 2007 so that the world could enjoy it. With its playful curving features, this elephant is instantly recognisable as one of the Eames’ genius designs.

Duck Egg Blue Swallows

Birds are lively, imaginative creatures and often spark the curiosity of children. Why not adorn the walls with a flock of swooping swallows? A wonderful way to add motion and playfulness to a nursery or playroom.

Yves Christin Design Icon Balloon Lamp 

‘No where to go but up!’ sings Mary Poppins as she floats above London clutching a balloon. Balloons are beloved by (most!) children and in this case make for wonderful imaginative lighting. This famous sculptural design is very stylish and would look great in a witty adult space when it’s no longer appreciated by youngsters.

Large Penguin Sculpture

Be carried off to distant snowy lands with this quirky penguin sculpture. You can be as eccentric as you wish when designing a room for a child! Animals carry a particular kind of magic for children and penguins are no less captivating then their more flamboyant tropical friends!

Flower Fairies Of The Autumn

A beautiful and very rare book by the celebrated artist Cicely Mary Barker (1895 – 1973). This much loved book has 24 fabulous colour plates of autumn fairies, all modelled by the children in her local school! Published in 1926, it will captivate your child with its stunning illustrations just as it has done many earlier generations.

Children’s Aeroplane Shelves

Storage definitely need not be dull in a child’s bedroom and it’s definitely needed! These fun aeroplane shelves would be brilliant as bookcases or for storing up games. Use finding storage solutions as an opportunity to get creative and find a more imaginative alternative to the norm.

Tallboy cupboard with bird motif

This charming tallboy functions almost as an aviary, covered in birds! It features playful details like the rosebud handles and has been painted in a variety of soft muted pastels. Perfect for creating an enchanting garden-like atmosphere!

The Bird House Inside is the name of the seller who breathed new life into this 1940s utility unit. She says…

‘This beautiful tallboy has been lovingly refinished to adorn a nursery or children’s room. The ice-cream and candy colours have been used to match with the beautiful paper with which I have lined the tall door, main cupboard back and the drawer bases. These colours have mostly been hand mixed to suit the paper and the overall effect is of softness and beauty. I have chosen the delicate rose handles to complement the colour and style as well, and cut out and decoupaged birds from the paper behind the handles to draw it all together.

I would suggest a nursery or young child’s bedroom for this piece, but it could equally be enjoyed as storage in a playroom.

I have cleaned and sanded, undercoated and painted in Fusion Mineral Paint, which is totally suitable for children as it is very low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). Inside the tall main cupboard I made a new false ceiling and have painted and papered to freshen and lift the piece.’

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