Three reasons why you should love Chinese vintage and antiques.

Three reasons why you should love Chinese vintage and antiques.

When we think of vintage furniture our mind normally leaps to mid twentieth century, conjuring up images of gleaming rosewood sideboards and sleekly curved chairs. We want to expand this immediate perception of vintage design and throw the floor wide open to other phenomenal styles and collections. This week saw us usher in Chinese New Year and so we couldn’t think of a better occasion to celebrate the wonderfully vibrant and skilled craftsmanship behind so much vintage and antique Chinese furniture design. From the Qing dynasty to the twentieth century, here are three reasons why Chinese vintage and antiques should definitely be on your radar!

  1. The radiant colours

So much vintage and antique Chinese furniture channels the use of brilliant colour across the whole spectrum. You might be somewhat surprised to find bright aqua or yellow Chinese antiques! Furniture from this vast region of the world is often thought of as being quite dark with ornate detail but many folk pieces are vibrantly coloured and often adorned with beautiful details, like the butterfly gold detailing on this cabinet above. Enjoy browsing through this collection of exquisite Chinese cabinets and sideboards.

2. The exquisite pottery

It’s easy to fall head over heels for the Chinese tradition of print and pattern which adorns so much of its pottery. Often framed against rich colour, the intricacy of these designs is a testament to the enormously skilled craftsmanship of the artists behind these pieces. From porcelain to ceramic, Chinese pottery finds its form in all shapes and sizes. Fill delicate blue and white vases with armfuls of red berries during winter or bulbous colourful patterned pots with blooms in the summer. Or just enjoy them as they are! Lose yourself in Chinese pottery here.

3. The sumptuous rugs

China is obviously very famous for its silk. its artisans are also masters of rugs which are Next Level gorgeous. Scoping a range of breath taking colours – dusty rose pinks and midnight blues, vibrant teal and burnt orange – these antique rugs are often woven by hand and are covered in a variety of beautiful motifs channeling the natural world. Rugs are a brilliant way to introduce bold, or even subtle, colours to a room which lend immediate character. Why not also add a note of the Orient? Have a wander through all Chinese rugs here.

Feeling inspired and want to see more? Of course you do! Click here to browse all Chinese vintage and antique furniture on Vinterior.

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